Poultry Farm Tips

After talking to countless growers across the country, we've gathered some simple poultry farming tips that anyone can use around their poultry farm.

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Four Quick Tips for Poultry Farming

We support poultry farmers helping other growers to improve their poultry farming business! Here are four quick, low-cost tips that you could try on your poultry farm.



Tip #1: RV Jack Under Feed Bin Boot

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If your feed bin boot breaks loose, it is a huge pain in the neck! Who wants to deal with thousands of pounds of feed all over the feed pad?

One of our poultry farmer friends, Jason Jackson, has an easy way to prevent this disaster: An RV jack. To prevent the feed bin boot from falling and feed spilling everywhere, just put an RV jack underneath it. Slide under boot and crank it to where it has a little bit of tension.

You can buy these jacks anywhere RV accessories are sold. The one Jason is using is aircraft grade aluminum and only cost $10. Now that's well worth avoiding those thousands of pounds spilling everywhere!

Tip #2: Setting Drinker Lines

We've definitely seen people ask about setting drinker lines before. One of our customers actually uses a homemade tool for this and it works like a charm.

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His tool is an old broom handle with an L bracket attached to it with a hose clamp. This grower simply slides the L bracket up and down to set drinker lines. He's been using this home remedy for over 15 years!

Tip #3: Draining Cool Cells

Back at Jason's farm, he's got a tip for draining cool cells and any other water holding tank. Jason uses a simple plumbing plug and just pulls it out whenever it's time to drain his cool cells. This method requires no tools at all and is super low-cost!

Tip #4: Door Knob Codes  

We all know the importance of keeping your control room secure. Employees come and go, and it's a hassle to change your locks any time someone with your key moves away.

Instead, you could invest in a doorknob that requires a code. These knobs can be purchased at hardware stores or from Amazon for about $30-40 each. You just set a code for the knob and share it with whoever needs it. To get in, type in the code and open the door!

This way, when you have a change in employees, you can change your door knobs' code without much time or effort.

How do you improve your poultry farming business?

You've heard four tips from a few of our poultry farming friends- What are your tips? We'd love to make another video sharing some helpful poultry farm tips. If you'd like to share, contact Allen Reynolds at Allen@SouthlandOrganics.com or 800-608-3755. We can absolutely keep you anonymous if you prefer!

We want to support poultry farmers helping each other to improve the poultry farm business as a whole. From egg production to poultry farming equipment, we believe every farmer can find little ways to make their jobs a bit easier.

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