Video: Poultry Farmer Interview

by Allen Reynolds April 02, 2019

Recently our team sat down with poultry farmer, Jason Jackson. Jason is a broiler farmer in North Alabama. We covered many topics during our 18-minute interview. Jason's positive approach has him standing out as a true success in today's challenging world of poultry operations and broiler farming.

Below is the timeline of questions that Jason answers.

0:23 - Lots of ups and downs?

0:32 - Tell me some of the most challenging situations you’ve had.

1:13 - But you brought up a good thing - family life. My daddy was a pullet farm grower for quite a while and seems like to me - never having been in the industry - but that’s one of the main benefits of being a poultry farmer.

2:31 - Tell me some of your other favorite parts of being a poultry farmer.

3:56 - Tell me a little bit about your background and why the transition over into poultry farming.

6:12 - ...what are some of the things that you really recommend for somebody maybe up in the Delmarva area or out in Oklahoma or Arkansas that they may not know or get, or just some of the real pointers that you see?

8:39 - Tell me some of the challenges you’ve had to deal with or some of the successes you’ve had when dealing with your integrator.

10:19 - Share your story about your feed operator.

12:17 - How has that - your past in the FFA - shaped life now? And how does the FFA creed come forward in your life?

14:45 - What’s your take on all the turmoil and upheaval surrounding the industry?


Allen Reynolds
Allen Reynolds


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