Poultry Farmers- Take a Break!

Poultry farmers work so hard all year round. Feeding the world is a huge task! In this video, Allen has one message of encouragement to you: Take a break!
take care of you- allen's encouragement

Our poultry sales representative, Allen Reynolds, always stresses that the number one asset on a poultry farm is YOU, the farmer. 

Poultry farmers work so hard all year round. Feeding the world is a huge task! In this video, Allen has one message of encouragement to you: Take a break!




Allen just got back from an awesome vacation in Cozumel, Mexico. While he was there, he took a few minutes to record a message for our Poultry Biosecurity YouTube channel and blog. We know, it's a little ironic that Allen took time on his vacation to tell y'all to take a vacation... but hey, there's not much that can keep Allen away from talking to poultry farmers! 

In this video, Allen talks about the rubber band principle. It states that "you shoot further when you pull back." Sometimes we can get caught up in our work and forget that we can really get more done if we let ourselves rest. If you wear yourself out, you'll be less productive. 

Like Allen says in the beginning of the video, "All work and no play makes you a dull grower." This line references a 17th century parable that teaches the idea that when you're overworked, you start to miss some things and become bored. You become a bit less sharp, and mistakes start slipping through. Rest fixes this right up! You business will be better off in the long run if you rest.

Allen also makes a note about family. A lot of you have your families with you on the farm, so it may seem like you don't need to take a vacation to spend time with your family. But when your family conversations involve work so often, it's important to be intentional about having non-work family time. You don't want to make your family resent their farm work, so reward them with a vacation far away from work. 

We are so thankful for all you growers! Allen's main encouragement is to take care of YOU. You are the most valuable asset on your farm, so be sure to take a break and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

If you have any questions or video topic ideas, reach out to Allen at 800-608-3755 or email him at allen@southlandorganics.com. Happy farming!

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Izy Dobbins

Isabella (Izy) Dobbins

Marketing Manager

This was written by Isabella (Izy) Dobbins, Southland Organics' Marketing Manager. Izy has devoted her education and career to communicating science-related topics. With an enthusiasm for sharing accurate and honest content relating to science and agriculture, she ensures Southland Organics' publications are as informative as they are interesting. Izy graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in advertising, minors in both Spanish and environmental health science and a Certificate in Sustainability. She has been working at Southland Organics since 2021.

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Allen Reynolds

Poultry Sales Manager

This was edited by Allen Reynolds, Southland Organics’ Poultry Sales Manager. Allen spent years working on poultry farms, from installing equipment to dumping chicks. He has been helping poultry farmers overcome obstacles since 2014, focusing on poultry farm strength in the antibiotic-free environment since 2017. He has traveled thousands of miles and worked closely with hundreds of farmers during his time with Southland Organics. Allen is known by even more farmers from the YouTube channel Poultry Biosecurity, where he regularly appears in videos that educate farmers on topics like bird health and farm business.

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Allen Reynolds
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