Poultry Management Systems: Controllers for Your Farm

With many factors affecting your poultry houses, it’s essential to have some sort of controller to monitor and control every aspect of your houses—all from one centralized location.  
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At the 2022 Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia, Allen interviewed Tyler Lesch, Regional Sales Manager at Maximus Solution to learn about Maximus controllers and how they can help growers. 




Maximus is a Canadian based company whose founders had 30+ years of combined controller engineering and design experience. The company began working with Canadian livestock producers around 12 years ago when the first Maximus controller hit the field. Today, Maximus operates globally and has helped thousands of swine, poultry, dairy and greenhouse producers better manage their operations.

Within the last year, Maximus has been partnering with a growing number of poultry producers across the Southeast. They have been spending time at shows (like the Sunbelt Ag Expo!), getting to know poultry growers and meeting with integrators across the Southeast.

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With many controller options out there, we asked Tyler, “Why Maximus? How are your controllers different from others on the market?” According to Tyler, the hardware side of Maximus is a controller (feed, water, air), but the Maximus Solution is more than a building controller. Maximus is more than equipment; it’s a management system.  


Maximus controller technology has the capability to create customized reports for the grower and the integrator, which can be sent on a scheduled basis to whoever needs them. Automatic exporting of data is also part of this technology that gives better insights into production on the farm.   


Maximus controllers are very user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface that resembles smartphone apps. From ventilation to water consumption, growers can control all of their equipment and monitor a wide array of environmental factors that affect their birds' production. 


The controller connects to the Internet, which allows remote access. When growers have a Maximus controller on their farm, they also have what Tyler referred to as a “personalized remote site.” This means that the growers can access their controllers on their computer, phone or tablet—wherever they have Internet access. Growers can see their controller interface and conditions on the farm in real time from anywhere in the world! 


Maximus has a network of dealers across the U.S, and they’re building up a network of dealers in the Southeast. Maximus already has several dealers across Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina, and they’re continuing to expand.  

While poultry farmers can’t make the solo decision to buy a Maximus controller and place it in their control room (because this is a decision that involves the integrator as well), they can start the conversation with Maximus and include their integrator. 

For those interested, Tyler does a demo with them and clears their integrator in that demo—or he does a demo of the entire system with the integrator first. From that point, everyone is working together to make sure the controller’s capabilities are understood and can get approved for installation. 

Although Maximus has controllers with most of the major integrators such as Tyson and Pilgrim's Pride, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all complexes will allow it. Tyler said it’s geographical, and they always make sure they’re being cognizant of each complex's way of doing things. 

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If you’re interested in upgrading your existing control system or in the process of building new houses, Tyler would be happy to talk with you and your integrator about what Maximus has to offer. You can give him a call at 770-701-4108.


If you have any questions relating to poultry biosecurity, we’re here to help! Contact Allen Reynolds at allen@southlandorganics.com or 800-608-3755. 

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