The Big Catch: Commercial Poultry

In this video, our poultry grower friend Jason Jackson shares with us his best tips for a successful and safe catch night!
poultry farm catch night

Ah, the day after catch. You’re bird-free, so that means all the work is over and you’re ready to go on vacation, right?! Well… we know that a lot of the real work actually happens after catch night. 



So before you pack all your Hawaiian shirts and buy your ticket to the Bahamas, let’s talk about catch a little. In this video, our poultry grower friend Jason Jackson shares with us his best tips for a successful and safe catch night!

While some people like to catch during the day, many growers have catch nights that can last from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. While a few of Jason’s tips are especially for catch nights, they’re also helpful for those who catch during the day. Read on to learn how to ensure safety and peace of mind during your farm’s catch.

Jason’s first tip is to write down a plan for your catch. Be sure to share your plan with someone else, especially if you’re working by yourself! This way, someone knows where you are and what you’re doing at all times. If something goes awry, the person with whom you shared the plan will be able to find you and help. Let this person know if you’re going to deviate from your original plan.

Jason’s second catch night safety tip is all about the parking lot. Especially when it’s dark, the parking lot can be a dangerous place. With huge moving trucks and heavy equipment, it’s important that anyone in the parking lot can be seen easily. Jason recommends that anyone walking in the parking lot during catch wear a headlamp and reflective clothing. He also says vehicles should leave their lights on- we don’t anyone getting smushed out there!

As many of you know, catch nights can last around two or three nights and leave very little room for sleep. Jason’s third tip? Don’t rely on copious amounts of coffee, or worse, caffeine pills to keep you up through the night. Although you might be wired from the caffeine high, Jason says the crash is usually worse than just being tired. Instead of pumping your body with caffeine, Jason recommends eating foods with natural sugars, like fresh fruits, to give you a more sustainable source of energy. 

We know these aren’t revolutionary, earth-shattering ideas here. But these simple tips for a safe and successful catch night are easy to try and can really improve your catch experience.

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