Keys to Windrow Success, Part 3: Repopulate

by Allen Reynolds October 23, 2019

"Keys to Windrow Success, Part 3: Repopulate" is the final video in our Poultry Biosecurity Windrow Series.

Our previous videos have explained the scientific reason behind why we windrow, the keys for properly setting up, and the benefits of turning windrows for maximum bacteria annihilation, but the most important step in securing your poultry house will be discussed today.

We conclude this Poultry Biosecurity series with a focus on strengthening your poultry house all the way down to the molecular level by preventing the bad bacteria from returning.



The first step in this is achieving the right carbon to nitrogen ratio. Poultry farmer, Jason Jackson, explains that this can be especially challenging because of the constant addition of nitrogen through the birds' droppings. You need the right solution of active carbon to challenge the continual nitrogen flow. Southland Organics’ Litter Life uses a biologically active carbon that accelerates decomposition of the litter and helps your house achieve the right balance.

Not only do you need the right carbon to nitrogen ratio to prepare your house for the new flock, but because windrowing wipes out both good and bad bacteria, you need to repopulate your foundation with natural defenses—good bacteria.

Litter Life packs a punch of good bacteria to repopulate your poultry house’s foundation. It is the final step in achieving a healthy floor.

Don't forget—a healthy floor is a healthy bird!

If you need help with your windrow, strengthening your natural defenses or simply would like to learn more, the Southland Organics team is here. Connect with Allen Reynolds—poultry specialist—at 800-608-3755 or Don’t forget to subscribe because we are constantly adding great, educational content to help you keep your farm healthy!

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Remember, your poultry house is a bacterial battlefield. Biosecurity is the way to win, and we are here to help you in the fight. 

Allen Reynolds
Allen Reynolds


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