Powerful Organic Soil Conditioner For Plants & Crops

Aerates the soil and chelates micronutrients.

Jump Start Soil Conditioner restores soils to healthy and fertile conditions by aerating the soil and chelating micronutrients. As a humate soil conditioner, the presence of soil amendments such as humic, fulvic and ulmic acids break up compacted soils which makes the soil easier to work or till. It also increases aeration thus allowing the plant roots to grow bigger and stronger.

As a soil conditioner for lawns, Jump Start strengthens the sod roots which allows the grass to green faster and become more drought tolerant. This liquid soil conditioner allows crucial elements, such as nitrogen, bind to the soil preventing loss by run-off or gas-off. Because it is an organic soil conditioner, nothing is harmful to the environment. Jump Start Soil Conditioner is not a fertilizer but an organic liquid soil conditioner for lawns and gardens. Jump Start Soil Conditioner provides billions of beneficial bacteria, as well as, rich humates, carbon and other nutrients that microbes love.

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Jump Start Soil Conditioner made my sod take root within (6) days of installation. Transplanted roses started to bloom within two weeks and trees were producing new root growth within 6 - 10 days of planting.
Landscape Estimator,
30+ years in the industry
I had several beds around my house that I could not get to grow anything. Everything I planted eventually died no matter how much I fertilized and watered. I heard about Jump Start Soil Conditioner and sprayed my beds several times before planting season. My beds were easier to work and my plants are not just surviving but are thriving.
Home Owner/Gardener
Jump Start Soil Conditioner
the most powerful humate soil conditioner for plant and lawn health.
  • Builds beneficial microbial activity
  • Reduces the compaction of clay soils
  • Builds organic matter in soils
  • Increase in the soils capacity to retain water
  • Reduction of water evaporation from soils
  • Increases grass seed germination percentage
  • Allows water to penetrate soils easier
  • Vastly increases nutrient uptake
  • Stabilizes soil conditions
  • Enhances the movement of elements up to the plant roots
  • Reduces the salinity in soil by sequestering sodium and salts
  • Stabilizes soil pH

When To Use Jump Start Soil Conditioner

  • When desiring the best possible soil conditions
  • During or prior to the seeding process
  • When dealing with heavy clay soils
  • When dealing with fungal issues
  • When dealing with Leaf Blight
  • During heat or drought conditions
  • During transplanting
  • When dealing with toxicity issues (dead soils)
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