Powerful Humate Soil Conditioner For Plants & Crops

Jump Start humate soil conditioner

Jump Start Soil Conditioner restores soils to healthy and fertile conditions by aerating the soil and chelating micronutrients. As a humate soil conditioner, the presence of humic acid, fulvic acid and ulmic acid breaks up compacted soils. This makes the soil easier to work or till. It also increases aeration, allowing plant roots to grow bigger and stronger.

As a soil conditioner for lawns, Jump Start strengthens sod roots, which allows grass to green faster and become more drought tolerant. This liquid soil conditioner allows crucial elements, such as nitrogen, to bind to the soil, preventing loss by run-off or gas-off.

Because it is an organic soil conditioner, Jump Start is not harmful to the environment. Jump Start Soil Conditioner provides billions of beneficial microbes as well as rich humates, an unusually high carbon content and other nutrients that help plants and grass thrive.

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"I've only just begun using this product, but have already seen incredible results! I cannot wait to see how this product continues to help in my gardening endeavors. It's affordable, easy to use and apply, and gives a peace of mind knowing it is organic. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is wanting to build their soil health!" —Jessi F.

"I've used Jump Start for two consecutive seasons, both on my lawn and farm. It's incredibly simple to apply and the results are quick and obvious! If you want healthy, sustainable soil that will require fewer amendments, give it a try!" —Chuck M.

Benefits of Jump Start Humate Soil Conditioner

Improves Soil Structure

The humic acid contained in Jump Start breaks up compacted soils, which makes them easier to work or till. It also increases aeration, allowing plant roots to grow bigger and stronger. As a soil conditioner for lawns, it strengthens the sod roots, which allows the grass to green faster and become more drought tolerant. Jump Start stimulates beneficial microbial activity and provides added beneficial biology to the root zone.

Soil biology is very important to soil health, soil fertility and plant life. These microscopic powerhouses do all the heavy lifting for the plants in a symbiotic fashion. To grow a healthy lawn or garden, you must have a healthy ecological system teeming with microbes! This is where Jump Start comes in to help.

humic acid for gardens

Increases Water Holding Capacity

As a humate soil conditioner, Jump Start works hard to rebuild the organic content of your soil. The soil is better able to hold moisture, reducing the amount of watering needed and maintaining healthy soil. Water will go deeper into your soil; your lawn's roots will grow deeper and plant roots will grow bigger and stronger. This helps create plants and lawns that are drought resistant.

Increases Soil Nutrient Uptake

Jump Start is a great soil activator because it is high in humus, and thus humic and fulvic acids. Humus is the main fraction of soil organic matter. Humic acid is not a single acid but a complex mixture of many different acids. It is produced by biodegradation of aged ancient plant matter. Humic acids stimulate plant and root growth by increasing the plant's ability to uptake and receive nutrients like phosphorus, an essential mineral. Nutrients like these are necessary for when a plant produces chlorophyll, giving it its green color. Even sandy soils can benefit from humic acid products by receiving added nutrients that may otherwise leach through easily.

Improves Cation Exchange Capacity

According to UGA Extension, "Cation exchange capacity (CEC) is a measure of the total negative charges within the soil that adsorb plant nutrient cations such as calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+) and potassium (K+). As such, the CEC is a property of a soil that describes its capacity to supply nutrient cations to the soil solution for plant uptake."

Michael Meléndrez on Eco Farming Daily explains, "Through chelation, humic substances increase the availability of these cations to plants."

Creates Amazing Lawns

By amplifying your lawn's ability to absorb nutrients, Jump Start creates a greener lawn faster! Your lawn will be the envy of your neighborhood as the increased chelation provides nitrogen and essential micronutrients. The strengthened root systems will make stronger, more drought resistant lawns.

humic acid for lawnsJump Start Soil Conditioner

  • Builds beneficial microbial activity

  • Reduces the compaction of clay soils

  • Builds organic matter in soils

  • Increases soil's capacity to retain water

  • Reduces evaporation of water from soils

  • Increases grass seed germination percentage

  • Allows water to penetrate soils easier

  • Increases nutrient uptake

  • Stabilizes soil conditions

  • Enhances the movement of elements up to the plant roots

  • Reduces the salinity in soil by sequestering sodium and salts

  • Stabilizes soil pH

When to Use Jump Start Soil Conditioner:

  • When desiring the best possible soil conditions for growing gardens, potted plants and row crops

  • During or prior to the seeding process

  • When dealing with heavy clay soils

  • When dealing with fungal issues

  • When dealing with leaf blight

  • During heat or drought conditions

  • During transplanting

  • When dealing with toxicity issues (dead soils)

  • Alongside humic acid fertilizer FertALive

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