The most effective humic acid soil conditioner is teeming with microorganisms - healthy bacteria and fungi - and fosters an ecosystem fit for earthworms.

While manufactured nitrogen fertilizer has increased yields of modern farmers, it also kills the microorganisms that live in the soil. Bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and microarthropods are all a part of the soil’s ecosystem, but the potency of synthesized nitrogen fertilizers can be toxic to parts of this system.

As acid-based chemical fertilizers kill off bacteria, beneficial fungus and earthworms, the soil loses its ability to replenish itself through the natural process of decomposition.

That toxicity leads to dead soil in need of microbial life for restoration. The stripped soil also is susceptible to fungal diseases and insect attacks and can lose its natural tilth or structure.

Our products replenish that ecosystem with living biology. Two aspects of the product made this possible.

The material in the deposit we use has reached the perfect point in the humification. Some products on the market are made from lignite and leonardite coal sources that are older; as a result, the humic acid in those substances is less available to plants, but also microorganisms that aided the humification process are long gone.

We do not heat our product in order to preserve the life in the resource. In processing the resource, some suppliers use heat or chemicals that kill the living organisms in the humus. This defeats the purpose of restoring the natural ecosystem of the soil, but it is common, especially with older, leonardite deposits.

Here’s a look at some of the indigenous bacillus in our products and what they do:

Bacillus mojavensis
The biosurfactant produced reduces the interfacial tension between hydrocarbons and aqueous. Oxidizes sulfide and nitrate.
Bacillus subtilis
Also used a a fungicide. The bacteria colonize the root system, leaving no room for fungal disease organisms.
Nitrobacillus georgiensis
Nitrifies ammonia and produces biosurfactant. Enhances the emulsification of hydrocarbons and increase their availability for microbial degradation.
Bacillus sp.
Strong production of biosurfactant.
Paenebacillus polymyxa
Reduces nitrate. Produces biosurfactant.
Bacillus megaterium
Puts rock phosphate into a plant available form.
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
Breaks down starch into sugars that plants can use.
Bacillus pumilus
Aerobic and anaerobic growth with strong biosurfactant production. Sulfur oxidizer and starch degrader.
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