Izy Dobbins

Isabella (Izy) Dobbins

Marketing Manager
Izy at SouthlandOrganics.com

Izy manages all of Southland Organics’ digital and print marketing communications. With an enthusiasm for sharing accurate and honest content relating to science and agriculture, she ensures Southland Organics' publications are as informative as they are interesting. Izy began working for Southland Organics in 2021.

Izy has devoted her education and career to communicating science-related topics. Izy graduated from the University of Georgia Honors Program magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in advertising, minors in both Spanish and environmental health science and a Certificate in Sustainability. During college she consistently held cross-disciplinary internships that combined communications and science topics, working for the UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant, Science for Georgia, the UGA SEE Suite Media Analytics Lab and of course, Southland Organics.

Izy lives in Athens, Georgia with her cat, Artoo Deetoo. In her free time, Izy takes class, teaches and choreographs at DanceFX, a non-profit dance studio in Athens. She also enjoys traveling, running, attending concerts and spending time with her loved ones.

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