PORT: USDA Certified Biobased Water Treatment

USDA BioPreferred

Southland Organics' wastewater odor control and treatment, PORT, contains 60% USDA certified biobased content. PORT is a natural holding tank solution that will control odors and decompose human waste in a septic system, vault toilets and holding tank appliances.

For years federal wilderness facilities, parks and wastewater operations have been using PORT for wastewater odor control and rapidly break down waste streams. Now PORT is USDA Certified Biobased and meets federal purchasing requirements.

Since PORT is part of the USDA BioPreferred Program, it meets criteria to be on the list of products from which meet Federal purchasing designations under FAR Subpart 23.4.

Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine and forestry materials. PORT contains 60% USDA Certified Biobased content, making it a verified alternative to petroleum-derived products.

Effective Solution to Wastewater Odor Control

Instead of using harsh, harmful chemicals for wastewater odor control in outdoor toilets or near pump stations, harness the power of beneficial microbiology and fulvic acid. With these natural ingredients, PORT is completely harmless to the people, plants and wildlife in the immediate application area and surrounding communities.

Our biobased product PORT provides an alternative solution to environmentally-degrading, petroleum-based products. By breaking down waste and biofilm, PORT prolongs the time between pumps of tanks. This means you keep more money in your pocket and less headache of pumping a tank.

What are biobased products?

Biobased products are tested and authorized by the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Certified biobased products must primarily contain ingredients from raw materials such as plants, forestry, marine or other sustainable resources. Contents of biobased commodities do not consist of food, animal feed or fuel.

Products that are included in the USDA BioPreferred Program are safe for the environment and supply renewable alternatives to conventional products like ammonia.

Organic and Effective Alternative to Toxic Chemicals

PORT odor control

Unlike many wastewater treatment and wastewater odor control products, PORT does not include the active ingredient hydrogen sulfide. Most wastewater treatment plants treat lift stations with the highly toxic chemical hydrogen sulfide. This particular synthetic gas leaves objectionable odors in the air, similar to the smell of rotten eggs. Not only are wastewater odor complaints significantly high when hydrogen sulfide is emitted into the air, but nearby equipment is more likely to experience corrosion damage as well.

PORT is non-corrosive and safe for people, pets and the planet. It won't leave any nuisance odors behind, so expect fewer complaints about toilet odor at your facility.

Health Hazards in Wastewater Treatment Plants

wastewater plant lift station

Holding tanks and wastewater facilities are overrun with an abundance of pathogens floating throughout the water. The processes and maintenance practices for these facilities can cause major concern for visitors and employees and others within the surrounding community. Use of harmful chemicals to treat waste components and odor control can lead to higher risks in intestinal, lung and other infections.

Contaminants like hydrogen sulfide included in conventional treatments result in wastewater odors, which are harmful when transmitted into the air. However, PORT actively breaks down waste and clears bio-solids without an adverse effect to the environment.

Safe for Vault Toilets, Septic Tank Systems and More

septic tank or vault system

Southland Organics' septic tank and vault treatment PORT addresses odor control with an all-natural approach. PORT is specifically curated for those who strive to create a safer planet with renewable carbon resources.

Not only is PORT safe for you to use, but it saves you time and money. By applying it to your septic tank or vault toilet for odor control and waste breakdown, PORT will save you the hassle of having to pump your septic tank more frequently.

PORT can be applied for:

  • Septic Tank Odor Control and Waste Breakdown
  • Vault Toilet Odor Control and Waste Breakdown
  • Pit Toilet Odor Control and Waste Breakdown
  • Household and Commercial Septic Tank Waste Breakdown
  • RV Tanks & Toilets Wastewater Waste Breakdown
  • Portable Restroom Odors and Waste Breakdown
  • Porta Potties Odor and Waste Breakdown

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