We lead by our core tenants;
Protect the Environment, Protecting Future Generations, Creating Healthy Soil, Flavor, Nature over Science
and Putting the "Culture" in Agriculture.

Southland Organics was born from Passion

Our passion is for sustainable agriculture, gardening and for producing beautiful turf. We love the great outdoors and share a growing worldwide commitment to a sustainable world. We view organic gardening as recreational therapy and appreciate that sustainable farming is one of the life's greatest treasures.

Food is a ‘language’ spoken in every culture. By making this 'language' organic, we provide a significant cultural revolution. We need to take a stand and promote diversity and biodiversity instead of chemical toxins and environmental waste. In the short term organic farming may be more complex and labor-intensive, but ultimately it is the wiser choice for health, flavor, society and our environment. Celebrate the culture at your table.

Southland Organics Team
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