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Ultimate Compost Tea is a highly concentrated liquid that provides amazing results when applied to soil and plants. Ultimate Compost Tea injects beneficial microbes into the soil and the foliage of plants. Its use is highly suggested in order to boost soil organisms in order to get plants and crops to optimum levels.

Unfortunately in our world of chemical-based pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and disinfectants we are very prone to kill many of the beneficial microbes that promote growth. Ultimate Compost Tea replenishes the vital biology that is missing. Ultimate Compost Tea is derived from our humic acid deposit that is rich in both vegetative and marine-based carbon.

This composition delivers an important organic matter to your soil. Additionally, our tea is cold water extracted thereby conserving the indigenous bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes.

Can you buy compost tea?

We are often asked questions on “how can you make compost tea for sale and ship it?” This is a very legitimate question as you might have been taught that compost tea needs oxygen.  A lack of oxygen in a brewed tea essentially will kill the beneficial microbes and the formula will go anaerobic.

Anaerobic tea is spoiled, it stinks, and it is dangerous. Quality compost takes time and experience. Quality compost tea takes even more time and experience.  Our easy to use compost tea formula lasts a long time and goes a long way.

Ultimate Compost Tea is a bit different. The product is based on a process that cold water extracts organic acids such as humic acid and fulvic acid. This is the key as the end result is an amazing biologically active organic carbon. We then add a proprietary mixture of beneficial microbes that are ideal for plant health.  When applied as a foliar spray your plants will thrive.

Key Notes

1 gallon of Ultimate Compost Tea will make approximately 20 gallons of the finished product.  On the bottle, you will see that we say “Phase 2: for light feeders.” Phase 2 for us is during the growing phases when the plants are putting on the most growth and before harvest.  We consider Phase 1 before and just after planting. At this time we recommend Jump Start Soil Conditioner.

Light feeders typically do not need a lot of nitrogen so a quality compost tea is sufficient however it can certainly be combined with organic fertilizers such as Liquid Fish Hydrolysate or FertAlive. For example, tomatoes are a heavy feeder but we always use Ultimate Tea at least twice per season in conjunction with Liquid Fish Hydrolysate.

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Buy Compost Tea
Buy Compost Tea

Compost Tea Benefits

Ultimate Tea is a highly concentrated liquid that provides amazing results when applied to plants and vegetables. Ultimate Tea injects beneficial microbial life into the soil and the foliage of plants. Use in order to boost soil organisms and vastly increase nutrient uptake to get plants and crops to optimum levels. Ultimate Tea delivers vital organic matter and energy to your plants.

  • The organic acids dive into the soil and provide improved ways for nutrients to be delivered to the plant's roots.
  • Contains active carbon, organic acids, micronutrients, and macronutrients that strengthen soil microbes and beneficial microorganisms.
  • Reduces chemical fertilizer requirements because plants become more effective at utilizing nutrients.
  • Should be used as a foliar spray (directly on the leaves) to provide a natural food source for microorganisms. The compost tea on the surface of the leaves will protect plants from disease.

When to use Ultimate Tea

  • At peak season when foliage is thriving.
  • As blossoms begin to develop.
  • When soil and plants need extra protection and nutrients.
  • When you need maximum production and nutrient uptake.

Compost Tea Application Rates

  • Pour 6 - 8 ounces of Ultimate Tea per gallon of water. We suggest pouring 32 ounces into a 5-gallon bucket filled with water and allow it to steep.
  • In combination with a homebrew or worm composting use 2oz per gallon Ultimate Tea.
  • Allow mixture to sit for a minimum of 1 hour before applying.
  • For best results allow Tea to “brew” for 18 hours
  • Once diluted, use the entire batch
  • Cover the entire plants as a foliar feed or as a root drench.

1 gallon of Ultimate Compost Tea will make approximately 20 gallons of the finished product.

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