Soil Conditioner for Lawns

Faster germination and green-up!
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Genesis 2.5 Gallon
2.5 Gallon Jug
Southland Organics Down

The 2.5 Gallon Jug is designed for commercial landscapers, golf course superintendents and erosion control specialists.

Genesis Gallon
Gallon Jug
Southland Organics Down

The Gallon Jug is ideal for larger properties or multiple applications.

*Covers 16,000 square feet

Genesis Sprayer Quart
Sprayer Quart
Southland Organics Down

The Sprayer Quart is a convenient application for small yards.

*Covers 4,000 square feet

Genesis Refill Quart
Refill Quart
Southland Organics Down

The Refill Quart is easy to pour and use in your own garden sprayer.

*Covers 4,000 square feet

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Genesis provides all the building blocks you need to establish stronger, greener turf—faster! It uses biologically active, organic carbon to accelerate green-up and is scientifically proven to increase germination rate, plant height and mass area.

All Natural
Carbon Based
Liquid Product
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Increases green-up
  • Accelerates seed germination
  • Chelates soil nutrients and decreases leaching
  • Aerates and improves compacted soil
  • Unlocks previous fertilizer applications
  • Preconditions and activates soil biology to withstand stress
  • Boosts fertilizer applications and unlocks existing soil nutrients
  • Combats negative fungal and bacterial growth