Vidalia Onion Fertility Study: Impact of Humic Acid

Onions treated with humic acid saw a 20% increase in marketable yield and a 250% increase in Jumbos produced.
Vidalia Onion Fertility Study

The Study

In 2005, a study commenced to see if improvement in marketable yield could be achieved through the application of humic acid (HA) and fertilizer combinations on test plots of “Georgia Boy” onions.

The humic acid source is the same formulation as Genesis Soil Conditioner and the current base for Omega Soil Activator. Over the last 14 years, substantial improvements have been made to the bacterial profile for greater production yields. These improvements have launched Omega.

Study Results

Analysis of the table below concludes that compared to a conventional control group in the one year growth study, onions treated with humic acid saw a 20% increase in marketable yield and a 250% increase in Jumbos produced.

Vidalia Onion Fertility Study Table

The results of the study prove the anecdotal results that have been provided from our customers who use Genesis and Omega, similar products to what was used in the study. The combination of liquid carbon products (humic acids) and a fertilizer program show great improvement in regards to marketable yield and increased bulb size.

Using Humic Acid Products for Greater Yield

Our recommended application is:

• Apply Genesis Soil Conditioner at a rate of 2 gallons per acre 1 month prior to planting
• Apply Omega Soil Activator at a rate of 1 gallon per acre every 45 days post planting


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Mike Usry

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