Eliminate Portable Toilet Odors Naturally

Southland Organic's Port - Portable Toilet Odor Eliminator (Port) is a commercial grade biological odor eliminator and effluent treatment for portable toilets, portable restrooms, marine toilets, holding tanks and camping toilets.
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Southland Organic's Port - Portable Toilet Odor Eliminator (Port) is a commercial grade biological odor eliminator and effluent treatment for portable toilets, portable restrooms, marine toilets, holding tanks and camping toilets. Port is a ready-to-use liquid formulation that rapidly provides improved waste degradation. It was adapted from our product originally designed to meet the needs of municipal wastewater treatment plants. The powerful formula contains a synergistic blend of new bacterial strains which have been scientifically developed (selectively adapted) to cope with difficult compounds and chemicals present in wastewater effluent. Unlike any other bio-formulation, Port contains bacterial strains which actually digest difficult and non-biodegradable compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons, phenols, etc. Port bio-formulation provides exceptional results controlling hydrogen sulfide (that awful rotten egg smell) and other mercaptans odors emitted from wastewater holding tanks. Our substrate is a new and novel, totally organic product that controls sulfide odors by blocking the pathways of sulfide-producing compounds. The product is also unique in that it contains micro and macro-nutrients that accelerate microbial activity, growth, and performance.  It is actually beneficial to the environment and will provide portable toilet odor control.

Going Beyond the Porta Potty

Port - Portable Toilet Odor Eliminator is derived from pure organic and natural humates. The humates have then been infused with powerful microbes and other beneficial live biology to form the perfect biological odor elimination solution. Because our solution is organic it is beneficial to the environment through and through. Once Port leaves the portable toilet, portable restroom, marine toilet, holding tank or camping toilets it continues to provide a great environmental service by binding toxic substances such as hydrocarbons in landfills, wastewater holding tanks or any other end destination.

How Port Eliminates Odors

Port - Portable Toilet Odor Eliminator leverages powerful biotechnology combined with the perfect substrate to deliver a superior product. A proven bioremediation agent, Port immediately binds to odor causing molecules such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrocarbons, ammonia and other gasses. The cypress lignin molecules destroy odor causing bacteria by binding their food source. The live biological waste degraders also begin their task in the biological oxidation of waste organic matter. The by-products of Heterotrophic oxidation of waste organic matter include; carbon dioxide, water, new cell mass, reserve energy polymers (bio-film or slime layer), and ammonia. This explains how Port eliminates odors and does not simply mask them.

Powerful and Concentrated Odor Elimination

Since Port - Portable Toilet Odor Eliminator is a ready to use liquid concentrate it holds much value over the competition. A major benefit in using liquid (live) bacteria over powdered (spore) bacteria is that the live bacteria will start to colonize and go to work immediately whereas the powdered will take longer. The liquid bacteria possess photosynthetic properties which are not available in the powdered forms. For more information on application rates for Port's multiple uses go to https://www.southlandorganics.com/port.
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