Bug-Free Backyard Spray

Defender is effective against mosquitos, fleas, deer ticks, red bugs, aphids, spider mites, whiteflies and ants to name a few! However it is safe for beneficial insects like pollinators. Plus, it smells nice!

If you’re like me, you enjoy chilling outside but don’t like getting bug bites while you’re out there. Insects come over and suck your blood, and bug bites just plain suck. There are plenty of products that address pests in your lawn, but many have harsh chemicals that aren’t completely harmless to you, your kids and your pets. Plus, a lot of them smell bad.

That’s where Southland Organics’ Defender comes in. It’s a backyard bug control spray made with essential oils and natural stabilizers, and no harsh chemicals! Defender meets the FIFRA 25B Exempt product requirements, which means it meets the EPA’s qualifications for natural and safe products. 

Defender is effective against mosquitos, fleas, deer ticks, red bugs, aphids, spider mites, whiteflies and ants to name a few! However it is safe for beneficial insects like pollinators. Plus, it smells nice!

Watch this video to learn how Defender works and how to apply it to your lawn.



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How to Use Backyard Bug Spray

Incase you want to see that in writing, here are the application instructions:

You'll need a mist blower to spray into trees and bushes. Standard pump sprayers and garden hose sprayer coat the outside of plants, bushes and ornamental trees, but that’s not good enough if you want to be insect-free. Skeeters, midges, no-see-ums, and other tiny vampires like to hide deep inside the bushes. The blower pushes leaves up and away, allowing the mist to penetrate deep into the foliage. No need for a spray bottle that requires a lot of manual labor.

We recommend the Stihl 400 series or the Stihl 200. The Stihl 200 is a much lighter backpack and gets the job done, however it only holds about 2 gallons of water. The 400 series holds more, but gets pretty dang heavy over time.

You can mix 8 oz. of Defender backyard bug control spray with one gallon of water to cover 1,500 square feet. You can use your yard immediately after spraying Defender.

Obviously, it’s great to spray during the summer time. That’s when we notice bugs the most! We also recommend spraying right before winter hits to make sure to kill any eggs that have just been laid. It's also best to spray during calm weather so that wind doesn't blow Defender away from your target area. Apply early in the spring or summer, depending on where you live, when it starts to get warm and mosquito eggs begin to hatch.

backyard mosquito spray

While the backpack sprayer is certainly the best method to getting the largest variety of insects, you could also spray Defender in a hose end sprayer. You can easily attach these to your garden hose. Add up to 32 oz. of Defender concentrate inside. Once you turn on the water in the hose, the water pressure activates spray and you are ready to apply. The mixture of the hose end sprayer nozzle should be a 20:1 water to product mixture with the water. You simply attach and spray.

The hose end sprayer method provides much more product at a higher concentrate, but it does not cover as much area. This is a good idea for lawns with heavy infestations of pests like chinch bugs, mole crickets, house crickets, the dung beetle, root weevil, fleas, carpenter ants and fire ants.

While we do see most success with the blower, a quick and easy dose of the sprayer works well too. The key is to coat most all outdoor surfaces and cover areas by storm drains if they are present.

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No More Biting Bugs

Defender backyard bug control spray is specifically targeted towards

 mosquitos, the most obvious of the backyard insect populations, but it works great on other annoying insects too! On top of mosquitos, Defender kills insects who transmit lyme disease like ticks. This insect repellent is effective against the following bugs:

  • Pine shoot beetles
  • Elm leaf beetles
  • Chinch bugs
  • Plant bugs
  • Thatch infesting insects
  • Japanese beetles
  • Boxelder bugs
  • Deer ticks
  • Palmetto bugs
  • Carpenter ants
  • Clover mites
  • Striped beetles
  • Lace bugs
  • Harvester ants
  • Lady beetles
  • Stink bugs
  • June beetles
  • Scale insects
  • Flea beetles
  • Surface insects
  • pine sawfly
  • Blue grass billbug
  • And more!

Kill Mosquitos in your Yard

Some pest control products can be extremely toxic. Defender backyard bug control spray is all-natural and harmless to your family and pets. You can have

annoying insects controls

your outdoor fun immediately after spraying Defender. You can stop swatting biting bugs and feeling like you're being eaten alive by mosquitos!

You can keep your family covered from mosquito bites while avoiding harsh chemicals. It is a contact kill pheromone interrupter and will disrupt future egg cycles. That's why we recommend spraying just before winter- kill the eggs so they won't hatch in the spring!

All-Natural Insect Repellent

Our blend of organic oils does two things.

1) Suffocation.

The blend of oils and the stabilizers combine to create a coating that dries on soft-bodied pests like mosquitos. They can't breathe. The stabilizers make the oil stay long enough to dry and do the job.

control mosquitos naturallyMosquitoes hide during the day on the underside of plant and bush leaves. They also are attracted to any aquatic habitat such as gutter drains. They don't like to move during the day.  That's why we recommend spraying during the day.

2) Smell.

When our spray dries, the smell to humans leaves. We don't have the same kind of noses as insects. The scent of the essential oils stays. The bloodsuckers do not like these odors. It says "DANGER!" to them. Beneficial insects are sometimes attracted to these odors.

The smell can stay for a month or longer depending on things like the weather. In summer months it is often as important to repel mosquitoes as it is to kill them.

It creates a barrier around your yard. Insects approach hit that natural wall and decide they need to be somewhere else.


Safe for Pollinators

Defender is a unique insect repellent because it controls mosquitoes while being safe for pollinators! One of the main reasons for this is because of how Defender is applied. If you ignore the application instructions and spray a bee, butterfly or moth directly with Defender, that insect will not be happy!

When you apply Defender with a mist blower, you kill mosquitoes and mosquito larvae by suffocating them where they hide during the day. Pollinators and other flying insects that are beneficial should not be in your line of fire. If any plants get Defender on them and pollinators pay them a visit, both the plants and the pollinators will be fine!

So as long as you're not deliberately trying to spray Defender directly on a butterfly, pollinators are totally safe from this spray solution. 

backyard mosquito control


For example, if you spray leaf feeding caterpillars, the forest tent caterpillar, the eastern tent caterpillar, underground insects, lawn moths or a tip moth with Defender directly, they will die. The same goes for adult moths, gypsy moth larvae, tussock moth larvae and oleander moth larvae.


For more helpful videos on gardening, lawn care and backyard chicken keeping, check out our other blog posts and our YouTube channel.

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