Easy To Follow Natural Lawn Care Program.

How It Works

DIY Lawn Care can be enjoyable and environmentally friendly!

As a homeowner, you desire a beautiful yard that you can enjoy. At Southland Organics, we are proud to provide simple lawn solutions that are a break from the traditional lawn chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. We believe that lawn care should be enjoyable and hassle-free.

Vibrant Grass that’s Rooted in the Soil 

Lawn care can seem overwhelming, especially when your yard is covered in dead spots and lackluster. As a homeowner, you want to take pride in your landscape. Struggling against disease, brown spots and overall dead grass can be challenging.

We understand your struggle and that’s why we have made taking care of your lawn care schedule simple and achievable. Experience the grass that all the neighbors will be talking about.

Green Lawns Start in the Soil

At Southland Organics we want to make the homeowner the superhero of their own outdoor environment. 

Let’s get to the root of the problem. The foundation of building healthy turf is in the soil. Lawns are meant to be enjoyed but keeping them to a standard of pristine condition can take its toll on the structure of the soil.

Using synthetic chemical fertilizer can strip the soil of vital organic matter. For grass to thrive, it needs carbon, soil acids and beneficial microbes. Most of these can be lost through the overuse of conventional methods. Give back to your soil, so it will give back to you!

Fertilizer Safe for Dogs, Cats and all pets

Pet-safe grass fertilizer is extremely important to homeowners with furry friends. What is the benefit of having a beautiful lawn if you are not using a pet-safe lawn care program? You run the risk of your pets developing adverse health issues.

The entire Southland Organics lawn care plan is based on pet-safe lawn fertilizer and soil conditioners. Your grass will never look better, and you can rest assured that there will be no harm to your animals.

How it works

The Southland Organics DIY Lawn Care system is for lawn enthusiasts who like to understand the science behind their flourishing foliage. 

Our program isn’t a one-product miracle you’d see on a gimmicky infomercial. Instead, it leverages our suite of scientifically formulated turf products to provide exactly what the soil beneath your lawn needs based on the season—and it puts you in the driver seat, so you can have real bragging rights at your HOA meetings.   

An understanding of how soil health, microbes and nutrients affect plant vitality is key to maintaining the best yard on the block. However, we know most homeowners don’t care about the inner workings of horticulture, so we aim to make our system simple and easy to understand. 

Our program will provide plant science 101 to help you understand the basics of soil science and turf grass management. With Southland Organics, you’ll have the educational resources and outstanding products you need to become the master of your lawn.

If you are a newbie and want to learn more, then start with our basic soil outline.

Let’s Begin!

If you’re a lawn fanatic who seeks the most beautiful lawn with the most efficient use of time and money, then you’re in the right place.

Season Starting

Start the Green Season

Early Spring Green-up & Germination

Before the grass begins to “green up” and really start growing, it’s time to apply Genesis Soil Conditioner

This application provides a heavier dose of organic carbon and acids to wake up the microbes in the soil. After a winter period of dormancy, Genesis feeds them and replenishes a few, key trace elements that may have been lost in the colder season. 

The kinetic energy of the soil will increase with the application and the rising soil temperatures—this means grass grows greener, fuller and faster. 

Genesis is thicker than the other products in our program due to the amount of carbon. It does not flow through the sprayer as well as Omega, but it brings the results you need most in early spring. 

Genesis is fine to use with pre-emergent herbicides to control broadleaf weeds. One thing to note is that the carbon and microbes in Genesis will seek to rescue distressed plants, so we recommend spraying Genesis separately and a few days apart from your pre-emergent.

For best results, spray Genesis every 28 days at a rate of 6 oz per 1,000 square feet until summertime (May–June).

Give your turf grass an extra boost by following your Genesis application with our organic, living nitrogen source, FertAlive, about 4 weeks into the growing season. 

Genesis Soil Conditioner
Genesis Soil Conditioner

Summer Soil Optimization

Activate Soil to Withstand Heat Stress and Increase Nutrient Availability

No matter if you are in the sultry South or the milder North, your grass faces depleting nutrients and water stress during the warmer months.  

This is where our flagship Omega Soil Activator comes to the rescue.

Omega is based on the same set of organic acids and biologically available carbon as Genesis. The noticeable difference is consistency and flow in sprayers systems. This is a direct result of the added microbial packages that we have selected to create the perfect, summertime biostimulant.

Omega packs a punch to mobilize soil nutrients into plant-ready food so that your lawn makes the most of the fertilizers you administer. If you’re looking for a great fertilizer pairing for this soil activator, we recommend our Liquid Fish. It is cold-water extracted, which keeps enzymes intact for a powerful and nourishing nitrogen source—and it can be sprayed in a one-pass application with Omega!

The nutrient solubilizing microbes create a strong ecosystem in your soil that improves water retention, increases cation exchange in the soil and provides competitive exclusion to ward off harmful disease.

This means grass has a healthier root system, is more resistant to disease and weeds, and better processes the nutrients in the soil. Your grass thrives when the soil, root system and microbes effectively and efficiently work together as a well oiled machine. Omega provides not only the oil, but the gas to take it up a gear. Simply put, Omega is the enhancer. It amplifies the actions of your lawn maintenance.

We recommend applications of Omega every 21–28 days until fall. The application rate is 6–8 oz per 1,000 square feet.

Prepare for Winter

Breathe Life into Tired Soil

When your lawn and soil are exhausted at the end of a long, hot summer, they need a turf revival! 

Fall applications of Revival help soil recover from the stress of summer heat, compaction and thatch buildup. 

Revival aerates aggressively through a specialized microbial package that is designed to dive deep and oxygenate choked root zones. This liquid aerator also primes soil for winter months by amplifying beneficial microbes in soil that stave off fall-forming diseases by competitive exclusion. 

Break surface tension, improve compacted soil, compost organic matter and process excess nutrients from previous feedings with this end-of-season amendment. 

When you need to return your lawn to healthy and lush conditions at the end of the season, simply apply 6–8 oz per 1,000 of Revival and praise the results!

Revival Air & Dethatcher

Fuel with Fertilizer

Feed Emerging Plants with the Best Liquid Fertilizers 

Our Fertilization Philosophy

Optimizing the soil with Southland Organics Soil Amendments ensures you get the most out of your fertilizers. Omega, Genesis and Revival feed the soil. But, they don’t feed the plants! That is where quality fertilizer comes in.

We believe nature knows how to grow things better than synthetic, man-made inventions do. That’s why when we feed the soil, we like to add a healthy dose of nature’s finest fertilizer. 

We have two organic options for you. Both are pet-friendly grass fertilizers and are easily applied by spraying on your lawn—you can even add them into your sprayer WITH Omega for an easy, efficient one time spray. 

When to feed?

You may be asking—when is the best time to fertilize my lawn?

The number of fertilizer applications you make during the growing season is just as important as the amount and type of fertilizer you use. 

Programs with more frequent applications allow for more flexibility in application rate and nitrogen source than two-application programs, which use slow-release, often synthetic sources. 

Feeding your plants often while balancing your soil amendments will consistently give you a greener, healthier lawn. 

The most important time of year to fertilize turfgrass is late summer (early to mid-September). Fertilizer is very necessary at this time because it promotes recovery from drought and heat-related injury sustained during midsummer. Pair this feeding with Revival to aerate the soil and boost microbial activity and make the most of your application. 

We have seen great success when FertAlive is used alongside Genesis at the beginning of the growing season. We also think you get the biggest punch of soil and plant nourishing power in the heat of summer when you spray Liquid Fish and Omega in the same application.

See our two organic fertilizer options below to help decide which is best for your lawn care regimen.

Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Liquid Fish Organic Fertilizer is OMRI-approved. This organic certification gives peace of mind to conscious buyers and proves its natural constituents.

Liquid Fish is a hydrolysate and not an emulsion—processing is the key difference between these two types of fish fertilizers. Hydrolysates are cold water extracted using phosphoric acid. This keeps the enzymes intact and makes it a much more useful fertilizer source. The power of these enzymes, oils and complex proteins makes our Liquid Fish an optimal organic grass fertilizer to deliver needed nitrogen, phosphorus and trace elements.

We highly recommend Liquid Fish. It does come with an odor. While the smell may only last 12–18 hours, it is noticeable and, you guessed it, fishy. 

It is also a powerful nitrogen source, so any over application will quickly burn. It is highly recommended to not apply more than the recommended amount and to water in. 

For best results, we recommend spraying in the same tank as Omega. This will provide a simplistic “one pass” spray.

Humic Acid Fertilizer

FertALive is a spray lawn bio-fertilizer as it contains living microorganisms and 5% nitrogen.

Chilean nitrate is the primary fuel in this powerful, natural fertilizer that greatly energizes plants. Chilean nitrate is a salt. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as "saltpeter." When used correctly, it provides a great, economical option; however, it can be overapplied like any other fertilizer and cause burning.

FertAlive is not as complete in trace elements as Liquid Fish, but it is much easier and palatable to apply. The additional microbes make FertALive stand up to its name as a "living fertilizer." These help mobilize the nutrients to make them more available as plant-ready food. Paired with our soil amendment program, this fertilizer gives your lawn the boost it needs to be the greenest on your street.  

For best results, apply FertAlive 4 weeks into the growing season, following applications of Genesis. Reapply every 45 days throughout the season for optimal lawn growth and greening.

Our Turf Products

"I've been looking for a decent weed killer that does not use glyphosate. This product is perfect for my needs. It's affordable and the coverage is good. I had a lot of questions when I first started using it and the guys at the company were quick to reply and were very helpful."
John Maylone
Torched Customer, California
Torched Customer, California
"I use a combo of Genisis, Omega, and Revival and have been very pleased! Very beneficial with great prices."
David G
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Natural grass fertilizers based on data and research.

Biologically Active Organic Carbon

Perhaps the most significant differentiator with Southland Organics products is the many forms of living, natural soil biology. The base formula contains 20+ microbes that fix nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus and solubilize potassium.

Bacteria + Fungi

We can balance a bacteria dominated formula and a fungal dominated formula based on the pH buffering during extraction. The fungal benefits the root zone of the plants to extend root zones and increase nutrient uptake.

Enhanced Vigor

The result is a more vigorous plant with fewer diseases and insect damage. A number of the native species of beneficial biology in the product can help fight off infection, giving you healthier plants that can naturally resist insect infestations.

Complete Carbon

The carbon contains lignin that will bind chemical compounds and hold them while soil biology breaks them down into more simple compounds. It also holds many times its weight in water to help keep the soil moist.