How to use our Products for Healthy Backyard Birds

While our natural supplements for chickens are great for commercial poultry growers, they have very distinct benefits for backyard birds as well.

Here at Southland Organics, we are passionate about helping growers produce happy, healthy chickens through natural products with organic acids, carbon and beneficial bacteria. While our natural supplements for chickens are great for commercial poultry growers, they have very distinct benefits for backyard birds as well. We know your chicken coops bring you so much joy, whether from their eggs, their high quality chicken or as beloved pets. 

Keep reading below to learn how our products can help you boost your roost!

Hen Helper

Hen Helper is a poultry probiotic that improves your hens’ health and nutrition. Its organic acids and carbon naturally tighten the birds’ gut, improving overall digestive function. Hen Helper aids in nutrient and vitamin absorption, which improves shell quality and cleanliness so that you get firmer shells and healthier chicks. You can also expect more eggs, since Hen Helper has been shown to keep hens in peak longer. Additionally, all the good bacteria in this product works in your birds’ gut to help fight off bad bacteria that cause diseases. 

To use Hen Helper, add one teaspoon per gallon of your birds’ fresh drinking water at least once a week. Be sure not to use Hen Helper at the same time as vinegar or other disinfectants like Mother Load, as they might wipe out the beneficial microbes when mixed. 

Litter Life

A healthy coop floor grows a healthy bird. Litter Life adds organic acids and carbon to the ground of your coop, speeding up the natural breakdown of litter to give your birds a drier, healthier foundation. It also adds beneficial microbes into the mix to help defend your birds against harmful bacteria that cause big issues, like enteritis and dermatitis. Litter Life also extends your bedding’s life and combats the strong odors that can hide in your coop.

To use Litter Life, first mix one pint of product with one gallon of water. This mixture can be applied with a sprayer to cover 250 square feet. Be sure to use all of the mixture within 24 hours. If you’re getting new chicks, we recommend applying Litter Life before placing your birds. You can also spray Litter Life with birds present! It won’t harm them at all.


Catalyst is vitamins for chickens that maximizes the health and boosts the immunity of your birds. Birds that take Catalyst have better leg and bone development and healthier hearts, skin and blood. These vitamins come as a convenient, highly absorbable powder that is easy for them to consume.

To use Catalyst, add a quarter teaspoon per gallon of your birds’ fresh drinking water once a week. If you’re growing new chicks, you can start them on Catalyst on day one. Then, apply it once per week. You’ll get the best results when you use Catalyst alongside our Hen Helper Poultry Probiotic, which allows for maximum nutrient absorption. 

Mother Load

We call our apple cider vinegar for poultry “Mother Load.” This is because it includes the “mother,” which is the most beneficial element of vinegar. This product is raw, unfiltered and infused with garlic. Birds love the taste of the vinegar and garlic mix, so they are happy to drink their water when Mother Load is in it. Mother Load has antiviral and antibacterial properties, it keeps the digestive tract healthy, and it boosts birds’ immune systems. On top of all that, the acetic acid bacteria is a probiotic, which means it has good bacteria that fights bad bacteria in the gut, helping prevent disease.

To use Mother Load, first be sure to shake the bottle well. Then, apply 1 tablespoon of Mother Load per gallon of clean drinking water once per week. If you have new chicks, run it on days one and two, and then run it about once per week. Be sure NOT to run Mother Load at the same time as other products, like Hen Helper, since Mother Load might wipe out their beneficial microbes when they are mixed. 


Bugs like chicken mites can prove to be a threat to your flock, and handling them in a safe, responsible way can be challenging. Desecticide kills resistant darkling beetles, lesser mealworms, bed bugs, mites, fleas and ticks on poultry without the use of toxic chemicals. It can be used during any bird growth stage, and bugs do not build resistance to it. It’s also safe to use around pets, children and your garden!

To use Desecticide, apply 6 ounces per ½ gallon of water. When mixing, start with the water first, and then add in Desecticide. If you add the water to the Desecticide instead, you will get a foam. No need for agitation- just mix and spray every three to four weeks. This mixture covers 250 square feet. 


We know our products will help your backyard chicken coop thrive! Check out our YouTube and blog for more information on backyard chicken keeping products. 

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