Our Best Organic Lawn Care Products

On this blog, we're making a big reveal: Our secret formula for the perfect DIY natural lawn care.

natural lawn care our secret formula

At Southland Organics, we are proud to manufacture the best organic lawn fertilizers that are safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment.

Here's our secret formula for organic lawn care: beneficial microbes, organic acids and active carbon. Our program is different from typical synthetic chemical fertilizers you may use. While traditional products may pump your soil with high nitrogen lawn fertilizer to make the grass look green immediately, they don't promote the long-term health of your grass. Our secret formula makes your lawn look great by ensuring you have healthy soil.

Organic Fertilizer Ingredients

One hugely important note about these ingredients is that they are all-natural! These are all naturally occurring substances that work together to improve soil health. That means they're safe for people, pets and the planet. You don't have to wait to enjoy your lawn after you use our products. They can't harm you.

Read on to learn about each of the products and how they work to deliver a healthier, greener lawn.



#1- Spring: Genesis

Humate Soil Conditioner for Lawns

Genesis organic lawn fertilizer soil conditioner

Genesis is a liquid soil conditioner that acts as a natural lawn food to prepare your lawn for the hot summer. Genesis provides all the building blocks you need to establish stronger, greener grass—faster! Genesis has been proven to increase soil quality, plant height and mass.

The biostimulants in Genesis accelerate root growth through oxygenation, chelate soil nutrients to make them accessible to the plant, combat negative fungal growth, aerate and improve compacted soil, and work to unlock previous fertilizer applications.

We recommend applying Genesis once in the spring. Learn more about how to apply our natural lawn products here.


#2: Summer- Omega

Natural Soil Activator for Lawns

Omega organic lawn fertilizer soil activator

Omega is purely organic lawn food that activates your soil during the prime lawn growing season. Omega's blend of beneficial bacteria promotes nutrient uptake and builds grass that is resilient to disease and environmental stress. It will keep your grass looking beautiful in the hot summer months.

Omega contains a safe, natural mixture carbon and microbes, which adds necessary ingredients like humic acid to stimulate plant and root growth rapidly. By unlocking existing nutrients and maximizing uptake from previous applications, Omega promotes a fertile growing environment that makes the most of your other inputs.

We recommend applying Omega in the summer and alternating it with FertALive. Learn more about how to apply our natural lawn products here.


#2: Summer- FertAlive

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer

FertALive organic lawn fertilizer

FertAlive is our organic lawn fertilizer. It's based on Chilean nitrate, beneficial microbes, carbon and organic acids, so it works as an organic nitrogen fertilizer. FertALive will rebuild roots and enhance the nutrient content of the soil so your lawn can meet its full potential.

As an organic fertilizer, FertALive provides high-quality foliar nutrition for fast-acting uniform growth.. FertALive is a liquid fertilizer, so you can apply it easily through a hose sprayer just like the other products. When developing FertALive as a humic acid fertilizer, we carefully considered significant issues such as leaching, nitrification, soil structure, biological damage and other problems associated with conventional foliar fertilizers and plant foods. FertALive is designed to avoid these environmental and soil health issues so you can enjoy a healthy, safe lawn without threatening the environment.

We recommend applying FertALive in the summer and alternating it with Omega. Learn more about how to apply our natural lawn products here.


#3: Fall- Revival

Liquid Lawn Aerator

Revival organic lawn fertilizer liquid lawn aerator

Revival is an end of season lawn food and liquid lawn aerator. It reduces soil compaction, provides core aeration and breaks down grass clippings. Revival will bring grass to healthy and lush conditions at the end of the summer season. With Revival, your lawn will recover and continue to look beautiful.

Revival breaks surface tension, reduces soil compaction, composts organic matter and processes excess nutrients from previous feedings. Additionally, Revival boosts microbial activity before harmful, disease-causing microorganisms begin feeding aggressively in cooler soil temperatures.

We recommend applying Revival once in the fall. Learn more about how to apply our natural lawn products here.

Why Organic Fertilizer?

There are about fifty billion microbes in a tablespoon of healthy soil, and more

organic lawn products

near the roots of plants. Their primary job is to break down organic matter and feed plants. You could have every element in its proper proportion available in the soil, but without the microbial action plants would not be able to utilize them. This is where our organic fertilizers come in.

Synthetic fertilizers actually inhibit, kill and alter this natural microbial activity which is so very important to healthy plants. In healthy soil there are herds of microbes near the roots of plants which out-compete pathogenic species and form a protective layer on the surface of living plant roots. Microbes are essential in making minerals available to plants and they also retain large quantities of nutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur) in their bodies, which helps to prevent these nutrients from being leached or washed away. Some microbes eat the dead cells of other microbes, thus retaining the nutrients within the soil.

The very first blog for Southland Organics was written about the dangers of synthetic fertilizers. You can read it here

Get Started with Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Check out this page to learn how much product and how often you should use our organic lawn products. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@southlandorganics.com or 800-608-3755.

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