The Secret to Green Grass: Genesis Soil Conditioner for Lawns

A beautiful green lawn has to start somewhere! For us, it starts with Genesis. Get a head start on lawn season with our natural humic acid soil conditioner.
Humic Acid Soil Conditioner for Lawns

Growing a beautiful lawn without harsh chemicals is possible. Psst, here's the secret: Genesis, a humic acid-based soil conditioner.

The key to a beautiful green lawn lies in the soil. That's why Genesis is specially formulated to improve overall soil health.

Start with Genesis

Genesis lawn soil conditioner instead of peat moss

Genesis Soil Conditioner for Lawns is the first step in our all-natural lawn care program. This liquid soil conditioner uses beneficial biology, organic acids and carbon to create a healthy, fertile environment.

While the spotlight is on Genesis here, check out our YouTube channel to see the other steps in our easy-to-use program. 

Genesis is the ultimate soil conditioner to bring out your grass’s early season color and vibrancy. It prepares your lawn for the hot summer by delivering activated carbon and rich biology for increased soil activity, energy and overall health.


Benefits of Genesis

Genesis is a superior soil conditioner due to three unique ingredients: organic acids, beneficial biology and carbon. 

The organic acids in Genesis bind with nutrients in the soil to make them more accessible to your grass’s root system. You can use less fertilizer because your grass will naturally be able to absorb more nutrients. 

Genesis also has a plethora of naturally occurring, beneficial biology. They stimulate plant growth and help ward off disease. You can’t have healthy soil without a high amount of microbial life, and you can’t have healthy grass without healthy soil. 

Finally, carbon. The role of carbon in plants is to foster healthier and more productive growth. 

Learn more and purchase Genesis here.

Maintain Soil pH

Lawn's soil

Maintaining optimal soil pH, or potential hydrogen, is vital for an existing lawn to thrive. Your yard's soil needs a pH between 5.5 and 7.0 to allow the natural materials and minerals to be free for plant use.

When overly acidic soil is present, it's especially important to raise the soil's pH. Why? Overly acidic soil can interfere with your lawn's ability to absorb nutrients.

Without a balanced pH, vitamins, minerals and other natural materials will be chemically "locked" from the plant.

Genesis falls within the proper pH number and high carbon content for optimal lawn growth. This organic matter improves moisture retention, may prevent root rot and ensures proper drainage as well as helps chelate and unlock the nutrients in the root zone.

Break Up Compacted Clay Soils

Clay soil

Genesis loosens compacted clay soils by adding organic matter. These beneficial microorganisms help break down the clay soil, digging tiny holes throughout its top layers and aerating the compacted soil.

While sandy soils typically don't have compacted soil issues, they can still benefit from soil amendments like Genesis.

Sandy soils may just need lower applications of soil amendments, and the added microbiology helps ameliorate any nutrient imbalance and prepare the soil for stressful conditions. 

Achieve Better Soil Structure

Soil structure and roots

Genesis improves soil structure by increasing water retention, aerating and adding plant nutrients.

Like many organic soil conditioners, it helps poor soils by improving the way soil particles fit together and adding organic matter throughout.

With Genesis, nutrients are freed up to be more available to plant roots.

Overall, soil conditioners improve soil structure in poor soils by adding more living organisms and minerals.

No Need for Soil Testing

Testing your soil through accurate soil samples reveals exact data on the properties of your soil. You can test your lawn soil to know its exact pH and how to optimize soil improvement, but it's not necessary.

Genesis contains humic and fulvic acids that provide all the essential nutrients that lawn grasses need for soil improvement. It's safe to use Genesis without testing your soil first!

How to Use Genesis

Grass zone map

For optimal results, use Genesis in the spring.

Apply 10–12 oz. of Genesis per thousand square feet in a sprayer diluted at a 1:20 product to water ratio.

To find out exactly when and how much Genesis to apply, take our quick quiz. After you take it, we’ll recommend a custom plan for your lawn for the entire growing season. 


Lawn growth

With Genesis, you can expect your grass to grow faster and greener.

Since it’s an all-natural soil amendment, you don’t need keep people or pets off the lawn when you apply it, and you don’t need to worry about polluting your environment.

Learn more and purchase Genesis here.

Contact Us 

If you have any questions about using Genesis to grow a healthy lawn, email us at or give us a call at 800-608-3755. Be sure to follow us @SouthlandOrganics on your favorite social media platforms to stay in the know and get tips on natural lawn, garden and coop care.

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