What Is a Soil Amendment?

Products such as JumpStart Soil Conditioner and Turf Genesis Lawn Soil Conditioner rebuild soils rapidly and are not considered fertilizers.
soil amendment


What is a soil amendment? Southland Organics' Evan Gill explains the difference between Fertilizer and Soil Amendments.

Soil Amendments

  • Don’t add concentrated nutrients to the soil but actually improve the texture
  • Can be both organic or inorganic
  • Modify the soil structure
  • Rebuild soils which have been damaged by improper management
  • Mixed into topsoil to promote healthy plant growth


  • Concentrated nutrient amounts added to the soil for a direct plant growth influence
  • Does not help soil's texture
  • Has a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium available to plants after application
  • Supplies nutrients such as such as proteins and carbohydrates
  • Maybe chemically manufactured (synthetic fertilizer) or created from plant and animal products (natural fertilizer)

Products such as JumpStart Soil Conditioner and Turf Genesis Lawn Soil Conditioner rebuild soils rapidly and are not considered fertilizers.

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