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Tractor Maintenance: Keep Your Operation Running Smoothly

Tractor maintenance is the key to keeping your operation running smoothly. As some farmers say, "If you don't make time for tractor maintenance, it will make time for you."

Warm Wishes of Hope for Poultry Farmers

Merry Christmas! Wishes of hope and joy from Allen Reynolds to commercial poultry farmers. 

Poultry Farm LED Lighting

We had the pleasure of talking to Jason Jackson, our friend and poultry farmer in Alabama, about LED lighting in poultry houses. Jason is a big fan of LED bulbs- his farm runs on about 1,200 of them!

Farm Security Cameras

Aside from monitoring for theft, a farm security system can help you know who has visited to your farm and when they arrive and leave. Simply knowing when the feed truck arrives and which bin it fills can be really helpful!

Poultry Farming Equipment

If you have a poultry farm, you know that your operation requires very specific equipment. We went to the 2021 Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia to interview poultry equipment experts on some of the best tools to have in your poultry house.

Electric Motor Maintenance

Electric motor maintenance is essential to the longevity of a successful farm and a reliable operation. Performing maintenance regularly can save you loads of time and money!

Septic Tank Treatment for Farmers 

If you have a farm, you probably have a septic tank. And if you have a septic tank, you definitely need a septic tank treatment. 

Broiler Chicken Water Consumption

Broiler chickens' water has a huge impact on their overall health and performance. When troubleshooting issues with your flock, start with the basics and consider water consumption and quality.

Happy National Chicken Month!

September is National Chicken Month. We take this as an opportunity to celebrate  poultry growers in the U.S.A. and across the globe.

Chicken Litter as Fertilizer: Do's and Don't's

Chicken litter can be an excellent fertilizer! It makes good use of something you may already have on your farm. You can use it yourself or make extra cash selling it to others. But too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Check out this video to learn about the major risk you should consider before using litter as a fertilizer, and some methods to mitigate this risk.

The Big Catch: Commercial Poultry

In this video, our poultry grower friend Jason Jackson shares with us his best tips for a successful and safe catch night!

Inside the Life of a Commercial Poultry Grower

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with Joey Rhodes to talk about his lifelong experience in the Georgia poultry industry. Allen interviewed Joey on his broiler farm- the same farm where his family grew eggs commercially in the 70s. Check out this video to get an inside look on the life of a commercial poultry grower.

Sustainable Commercial Farming

Poultry Vitamins for Better Performance

With 10 key vitamins and minerals including folic acid, Vitamin D3 and Biotin, Catalyst provides the perfect nutritional boost for any flock. Here, Allen explains more about Catalyst and how to apply it to improve your flock.

Insurance for Commercial Poultry Farms

What is one thing you never want to think about but are grateful to have when you need it? INSURANCE. Learn how to use it to protect your farm from harm.

Runt and Stunt: Deadly Poultry Virus

Runt and Stunt is also known as Malabsorption Syndrome. It boils down to nutrient absorption. Nutrient absorption is what is needed to help the bird fight the “virus/disease” but the virus prevents nutrient absorption. 

Factory Farm: Debunking the Term

“Factory Farm”-- what it means, why it’s used, and why it shouldn’t be!

Grower's Spotlight: So you Want to Build a Chicken House

So you want to build a chicken house. Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned professional, there is an extensive process that all commercial growers go through when building a new house.

Avian Stress: Factors, Effects and Abatement

There are numerous things that can cause stress in your birds. Heat, light, overcrowding, ventilation, noise, fear, lack of food, nutritional deficiencies, disease, infection, and on and on. In this video we want to take a quick look at two distinct types of stress and their impact on your birds.

Let's Talk Ladder Safety

This video explains the parts of the ladder and their uses, proper set up, statistics on farmer injury causation and proper ladder storage and care. 

"Spondylolisthesis!" It's easier to say Kinky Back.

Spondylolisthesis is a technical name- this disease is also known as Kinky Back. This is a condition of the spine where one of the vertebrae moves more than it should and slips out of place. 

Stackhouses for Daily Poultry Mortality

Stackhouses use the natural composting process to break your birds down and return them to the earth. In a stackhouse, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms decompose your birds into a stable end product.

Clean, Sanitize or Disinfect?

Before choosing a cleaning product, you will first need to decide whether the surface needs to be cleaned, sanitized, or disinfected.

Stenner Pump Troubleshooting

Jason Jackson, a commercial broiler farmer in north Alabama, gives us his tips and tricks to sustaining the longevity of these Stenner Pump medicators.

'Twas the Night Before Catch

Poultry farmers, have a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Defeating Dermatitis

Learn the causes of dermatitis in poultry houses and how you can help prevent it.

How to Run Big Ole Bird Poultry Probiotic

Necrotic Enteritis Flare Up? How to get the most out of your Big ole Bird poultry probiotic applications.

Poultry Farm Troubleshooting

Four important concepts to help you troubleshoot and diagnose problems on your poultry farm.

Grower Spotlight: Charles Robinett & Scott Vetterkind

Charles and Scott share with us their journey from the front lines of military life to overcoming the battles they now face as commercial poultry farmers. 

Farm Safety: Electrical Tips and Tools

Any good farm manager knows you have to wear many hats to have an efficient, effective operation. Today, Jason Jackson talks about wearing your Electrician's hat as a poultry farmer.

Prepping for Winter Ammonia Buildup with Litter Life

If you've grown through any colder season, you know ammonia really kicks it up a notch when you're trying to keep the houses warm.

The Importance of Water Quality

Paying attention to water before it shows a problem pays off. If you have big challenges in your water, like bacteria overgrowth, then the birds will spend more energy fighting the challenge than converting feed. 

Poultry Farm Finances with John Hylton

The financial side of your farm is just as important as any other aspect. This week, we hear directly from a poultry banker on all things finance. 

Grower Spotlight: Father-Son Team, Troy & Matt

Each time another Milford man followed his heart and returned to the family poultry business, there was one thing that had to be done: build more chicken houses...

Farm Safety: Climbing Feed Bins Safely

Jason Jackson shares some helpful tips to ensure you and the people you work with stay as safe as possible when working on feed bins.

Big ole Bird | Performance Study Results

We put our poultry supplement and probiotic to the test with two, third-party performance studies done by poultry science programs we knew farmers could trust—the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia and the Southern Poultry Research Group.

Farmer Longevity: Tools for your Health Arsenal

Allen dives into some more practical tips for ways to prioritize your health so you can keep operating your farm per usual.

The Secret to a Successful Poultry Operation

Without this one thing, nothing else matters—feed conversion rates, mortality numbers, growth—all of that is pointless without taking care of this ONE thing.

Generator Tips to Prep for Warmer Weather

Jason Jackson shares simple, easy ways you can refresh your generators to make sure when you need them, they’re ready to serve you and your birds.

3 Reminders for Poultry House Ventilation

Jason Jackson provides helpful reminders for fellow poultry farmers to prepare not just for hot weather, but for productivity and efficiency in general.

A Word of Encouragement for Poultry Farmers Amidst COVID-19

Not just anyone could be a farmer, and it is becoming especially evident in the midst of this pandemic.

Keep Your Money: Farm Tax Deductions

We all know how expensive it can be to run a farm, so we took some time to sit down with an accountant who has served poultry farmers like you for more than 20 years.

The Role of Vitamins in Poultry Nutrition

With the number of variables that play a part in maximizing birds' potential, you don’t need lack of nutrition to hinder everything else. Hitting the nutrition bullseye can really maximize birds’ resilience when faced with stress.

The Human Side of Farming: How to Motivate Farm Employees

Working on the human side of your business can sometimes be just as challenging as an outbreak of necrotic enteritis. That’s why Allen and Jason chat about how to lead well, motivate your employees and develop a meaningful work environment for everyone on your farm.

5 Tips for Safely Using Farm Equipment

Life on the farm has certain dangers. A simple safety reminder can go a long way. Jason Jackson shares five quick, potentially life-and-limb-saving reminders.

How to Improve Poultry Farming- and Get Money!

Did you know that there is a government agency in place that exists to help save—and even give you money for your poultry production? 

The Importance of Poultry Paw Quality

Keeping floors dry and birds' paws healthy helps grow bigger birds and paychecks, regardless of whether China buys a single chicken foot.

Bird Anatomy Tips

Before we can begin to understand what our birds might be trying to tell us, we need some basic understanding of bird anatomy.

How to Achieve Adequate Flow Rate in Your Poultry Houses

When it comes to water, birds are like Goldilocks—they don’t need too much, and they don’t need too little. Be sure you’re supplying the amount of water that’s juuuust right.

Tips for Monitoring Water Pressure in Your Poultry Houses

Jason Jackson shares a few ways farmers can ensure water pressure is ideal for bird consumption without soaking floors or limiting birds.

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