3 Reminders for Poultry House Ventilation

Jason Jackson provides helpful reminders for fellow poultry farmers to prepare not just for hot weather, but for productivity and efficiency in general.
poultry house ventilation

While everything feels a little uncertain about the future right now in our world, one thing we can count on is this—the hot weather is on its way. The better we try to prepare ourselves for what we KNOW is coming, the better off we’ll be.

What Jason shares in this video isn’t new to you. He simply provides helpful reminders for fellow poultry farmers to prepare not just for hot weather, but for productivity and efficiency in general.



We all know the old saying, “schedule time for equipment maintenance, or the equipment will schedule time for you.” These tips are meant to help you prevent urgent repairs that slow production. Stay ahead!

Jason starts with louvers and fan shutters. Some farmers wash fans after every flock. Some wash them once a year. It is especially important in preparation for Summer because it reduces the amount of friction the air experiences when it goes through, which increases efficiency and wind speed. 

This also equates to power savings because fans don’t have to work so hard to achieve the cooling power you’re looking for. This will save you money. It will also save on wear and tear to prolong your equipment—and the best part of all is that everything will function better when it’s clean! 

Jason has evaporative cooling systems on the front of his large houses. These are especially essential in the south. If you have these, be sure to fill the sumps up with water, drain them and flush them to remove any debris. If you have debris in the sumps, you’ll get algae and bacterial growth that can stop up your cool cells. 

A lot of people clean the cool cells to prolong the life of them. Keep these clean to increase airflow, save on electricity and help with cooling, but don’t miss the sumps! 

When you’re looking at your ventilation, be sure you ensure your vent boards are sealing tightly. You want every bit of air you can get to pull through those vents. 

If you have any questions about prepping for summer, reach out to Jason directly at jason@southlandorganics.com. He's happy to help.

If you need anything relating to poultry biosecurity, need help troubleshooting problems on your farm or simply want to learn more about what we do, give me a call anytime at 706-424-4471.


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