Apple Cider Vinegar as a Poultry Supplement

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a natural poultry supplement for decades. Today, we’re going to answer some questions many of you are asking—does it actually make a difference? Why? How will that difference show up in my birds?
ACV for poultry

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a natural poultry supplement for decades. Some of you may even take it yourself! Personally, I take ACV for digestion.

Today, we’re going to answer some questions many of you are asking—does it actually make a difference? Why? How will that difference show up in my birds? 


Does it make a difference? 

In short—yes, vinegar does help. There are no studies out there because no pharma companies are pushing it. But many of you have experiential proof—if you’ve used it, you know it cuts mucus and the birds like the taste. It allows intestines to absorb nutrients. 

Dr. Susan Watkins at the University of Arkansas talks about giving vinegar to birds because they like the taste and they drink more water because of it. 

BUT—you can get more benefits out of vinegar if you’re using the RIGHT kind. Most vinegar used by growers today is filtered, pasteurized or powderized, which means the “mother” is no longer present—but the “mother” is actually the most beneficial element of vinegar! The “mother” is a naturally occurring powerhouse of beneficial microbes and digestive enzymes that creates the fermentation process of vinegar production. It is the core that gives vinegar its beneficial properties. That’s why we call our ACV “Mother Load.”

The easiest way to tell if your ACV contains the mother is if it has a “milky” appearance. This is insoluble fiber that often falls down to the bottom of the bottle and looks very unappetizing, but it is actually the most important part. 

Why apple cider vinegar?

ACV that contains the mother keeps the digestive tract healthy, boosts the immune system and balances the pH in birds guts. It helps the body do what it’s naturally supposed to. The insoluble fiber helps food move through intestines and provides better nutrient uptake by cutting through mucus. The fiber can act as a cleaning crew that sweeps through the internal organs and gets rid of the leftover mess. Harmful bacteria hide in tiny crevices in the gut. The insoluble fiber of the mother can scrub them out.

Most importantly, the acetic acid bacteria is a probiotic. This might sound familiar—PRO means “good.” This good bacteria fights harmful bacteria in the gut, which helps deal with illness and disease.

How will that difference show up in your birds?

It tightens the gut. For those of you who watched our Scoop on Poop series, you know a tight gut means a healthier bird, and better performance. Our poultry performer, Big Ole Bird, also tightens guts. ACV is the perfect complement.

The better performance comes because with a tighter gut, your birds are more efficient at actually using the feed you’re giving them. This lowers feed conversion numbers, which really affects your bottom line. 

If you run a breeder or layer farm, tight guts don’t just mean better performance. Tight guts mean CLEANER EGGS. That’s the goal, right?

Our Mother Load ACV is raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar infused with garlic, designed to boost your birds’ overall health. The garlic is an extra boost, and it gives it a zing for their taste buds. 

If you need help with tightening guts or simply would like to learn more, the Southland Organics team is here. Connect with me, Allen Reynolds, at 800-608-3755 or Don’t forget to subscribe because we are constantly adding great, educational content to help you keep your farm healthy!


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Allen Reynolds

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