Poultry Farm Finances with John Hylton

The financial side of your farm is just as important as any other aspect. This week, we hear directly from a poultry banker on all things finance. 
poultry farm finances

The financial side of your farm is just as important as any other aspect. This week, we hear directly from a poultry banker on all things finance. 



Question 1: What if someone wants to get into poultry? How much does it cost to get it going? 

  • The banks traditionally want 20%. This can be done in a few ways. Cash combined with land equity is a common approach, especially for generational farmers. 

Question 2: How long should you finance your farm? 

  • First, consider your long-term goals. The shorter your term, the lower your interest rate. Traditionally, a newer farm is going to be 15–20 years. Banks use that because integrators want you to do upgrades. A longer term means you build more equity, so you are better off when it’s time to spend on upgrades.

Question 3: If you’re debating between doing a shorter, 5 year term, versus committing for the long haul, it’s difficult to know how to invest. 

  • Having a relationship with your bank is one of the best approaches when it comes to assessing risk. Poultry bankers have worked with countless others who have faced unpredictable financial hurdles, and they can be your partner in helping you make the best decisions for you to be successful. That is their goal!

Question 4: What does it look like to refinance a farm?

  • If you have good equity in your farm, it’s an easy, normal thing bankers do. Bankers can often take the estimated cost of those upgrades and roll the loan into your overall loan. Right now, in 2020, it’s the best time to refinance because rates are at an all-time low, and they should be for the next year and a half or so. 

Question 5: What are the tax breaks and benefits you can have for making upgrades? 

  • Elections can greatly affect the tax outcomes for farmers. 
  • The 10 year treasury has been fairly flat, so they expect things to remain the same. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, make the most of the time right now!

Question 6: What can farmers do to plan for a financially stable future? 

  • Talk to your banker about your future. Farms are very valuable assets, and bankers can help you avoid heavy taxing when you’re ready to transition out of farming. 

Whether you're in the Lavonia, GA area or not, if you'd like to talk farm finances with John, you can contact him at johnhylton@pinnaclebank.com.

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