Tips and Tricks for Poultry Farmers: December 2023 Update

We love sharing great farmer-to-farmer advice, so Allen is back with our fourth edition of Tips and Tricks for Your Poultry Farm.

Part 4: Tips and Tricks for Your Poultry Farm

This is the fourth edition of our highly popular "Tips and Tricks" videos! The following tips were submitted from poultry farmers across the country with the goal of helping other farmers gain more success. 


Keep an Eye on your Line Adjusters

You have a line adjustment because the floor of your poultry house is not level. If you raise it up into a pulley and aren't careful, you may tear a cable or tear the pulley out. So after you adjust it, be sure to bring the adjuster back down and fix the string accordingly. This will ensure you don't have the adjuster strung too far out.

Don't Forget to Flush Your Lines

Winter is coming! Flush your lines before it freezes to prevent bursting pipes.

Put a Filter onto your Cool Cells

One of our farmer friends added a filter on his cool cell water pipes to help keep the cells clean. He also has spigots installed so he's ready for flush, and the pipes are separated so that one side can continue functioning if the other side experiences an issue.

Air Condition your Control Room

During the summer, we obviously think about the ambient temperature outside. But with the motors and computers inside your control room, its true temperature is going to be even hotter than it is outside. Throw in a window unit air conditioner to protect the machinery in your control rooms!

Be Sure to Check Your Filters

We all know water quality is so important for growing your best bird. After a big rain, your water filters and water pH can be impacted, especially if you're on well water. It's a good habit to check the filters and pH after a strong rain.

Do you have any tips? Contact us!

We love to help farmers help other farmers. If you have any tips or tricks you'd like us to include in a future video, please reach out to Allen! You can also let us know if you have any questions or topics you'd like us to cover. 

If you have any questions relating to poultry biosecurity, we’re here to help! Contact Allen Reynolds at or 800-608-3755

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Allen Reynolds

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