Ignition Compost Starter and Garden Rejuvenator

$ 89.00


2.5 Gallon Gallon Sprayer Quart Refill Quart

Ignition Compost Starter and Garden Rejuvenator

$ 89.00


2.5 Gallon Gallon Sprayer Quart Refill Quart

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Ignition Compost Starter and Garden Rejuvenator accelerates the decomposition process, turning dead matter into life-giving fuel. Use on compost piles to accelerate the composting process or apply directly to soil and create a vibrant environment so your garden can flourish!

  • Organic compost starter

  • Easy-to-use liquid formula

  • Manufactured in the United States

  • Fast-acting, 100% organic formula

  • Provides beneficial microbes for healthier, living compost

  • Contains no animal products or synthetic nitrogens

  • Aggressively decays organic materials and garden waste for more abundant, faster results

Application Rates More Details Documents Ignition Compost Starter and Garden Rejuvenator: Secret Ingredients FAQs

Apply Ignition with a sprayer of your choice. We recommend diluting it to a 1:20 product to water ratio. Ignition Compost Starter can be applied whenever temperatures are above 60° F in your area- below that, it's harder for the product to activate. Read below for instructions on how to use Ignition Compost Starter based on your scale:/p>

Commercial Compost Applications

Spray enough diluted Ignition Compost Starter to saturate the top of your windrow.

Re-apply Ignition Compost Starter every 30-45 days, or whenever you turn your windrow.

Residential Compost Pile or Compost Bin

Apply enough diluted Ignition Compost Starter to saturate the top of your compost pile.

IIf you have a compost turner or a gravity-based compost bin, re-apply Ignition Compost Starter every 28 days. If you turn your pile manually, re-apply whenever you turn.

Ignition Compost Starter helps make rich, fertile compost and rejuvenates tired and depleted soils. It can be used on compost bins or your compost heap. Powered by organic material and beneficial soil microbes, Ignition promotes the natural decomposition process so you can get the most from your compost.

Our compost starter is specially formulated to accelerate the process of decomposition. By introducing rich organic acids, nitrogen rich ingredients and activated carbon plus billions of microbes specially cultured to speed the decomposition of difficult to compost organic matter, Ignition serves as the perfect compost accelerator.

Improve your Composting Process

Composting works by allowing beneficial microbiology to work aerobically to break down organic waste into a nutrient-rich product to be used for growing more plants.

Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes account for the vast majority of the decomposition that takes place in a compost pile. They are considered chemical decomposers because they change the chemistry of organic wastes.

Of these organisms, aerobic bacteria are the most important decomposers. They are the most nutritionally diverse of all organisms and can eat nearly anything. Bacteria utilize carbon as a source of energy (to keep on eating) and nitrogen to build protein in their bodies (so they can grow and reproduce).

The biological composition and concentration in our compost starter are very similar to products used in many industrial wastewater systems. Ignition Compost Starter may be the only compost accelerator on the market that contains indigenous nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Composting is an art, and it takes time to get your composting recipe right. If you are a beginner composter and you're not happy with your composts' results, you may need a compost starter. Even if you've been composting for years, compost starters are is a great way to make your composting process even more quick and efficient.

How Compost Starters Work

Compost starters, also known as compost activators, compost accelerators and compost boosters, work by adding microbes to decomposing organic matter. These microbes eat away at the organic matter, they reproduce and they create heat that helps the compost break down further and helps prevent diseases and weeds.

Ignition can be compared to Jobe's Organics Compost Starter or Bokashi Compost Starter, but in an easy-to-use liquid formula instead of a dry, granular mix. Some folks try to make their own compost starter. DIY compost starter is hard to get right, as creating your own microbiology mix takes a delicate balance. Commercial compost starters like Ignition are much more reliable, as they're made with a consistent formula and are designed to remain dormant until used.

Ignition Soil Rejuvenator provides the essential activated carbon, humic and fulvic acid to accelerate bacterial growth. These specially designed nutrient sources start the composting process more quickly and efficiently and serve as a powerful compost accelerator.

Why Compost?

Composting helps us to embrace the natural cycle of life and decay. Proper stewardship focuses on the idea of ‘waste,’ because it is such a key issue to the health of the planet. In nature, there is no waste, as every living thing serves a greater purpose than its lifespan, and contributes to the growth of something else. When you dive into composting your own ‘waste,’ you learn to appreciate the cycle of life which involves decay and new growth in equal measure, and you come to understand that everything has a place in the world.

For more on the benefits of composting and how to compost, read our blog! Composting can reduce food waste, improve your organic gardening practice and prevent your normal trash can from smelling so badly. Compost can be as simple as vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and eggshells! Compost starters provide a natural, healthy boost to any scale of composting.

Southland Organics garden and crop products leverage our three core features to supercharge soil with the building blocks plants need to thrive.

Organic Garden Care Microbes

The added beneficial microbes in our products help decompose residual pesticides and herbicides and unlock bound nutrients in the soil. This makes nutrients available to plants in simpler, more easily absorbed forms. Microbes amplify conventional programs by making your inputs work harder for longer.

Organic Garden Care Organic Acids

Organic acids and top-quality, organic carbon work to break surface tension of compacted soils and deliver oxygen to the root zone. Plants grow deeper roots in oxygenated soil, helping them resist disease and overtake weeds.

Organic Garden Care Carbon

Carbon is the main building block of all organic life. In fact, 50 percent of plant life made up of carbon. Carbon feeds microbes and is critical to microbial health. The microbes in turn assimilate nutrients and deliver them to the roots for growth and development. Carbon is the ultimate macro element that plants need to thrive.

Our soil amendments are a vital portion of a healthy plant program. Row crop farmers will increase their results and experience less stress with more profits. Homeowners will grow beautiful gardens with no harmful chemicals.

With these three secret ingredients, plants develop deeper roots, retain water, resist disease and pests and become lush and healthy.

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