Dog Spot | Lawn Repair

$ 18.50

Dog Spot | Lawn Repair

$ 18.50

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Dogs are creatures of habit and tend to pick the same spots on your lawn to “go,” killing the grass with the excess nitrogen in dog urine. Dog Spot encapsulates the nitrogen to keep dog urine spots from burning your grass. Designed to revitalize the soil, Dog Spot quickly eliminates any brown spots on lawns. This natural solution rapidly returns your damaged grass to a vibrant, healthy shade of green and prepares dead grass for reseeding. Dog Spot is sold in a quart size. 

Benefits of Dog Spot:

  • Repairs grass from dog urine damage
  • Conditions soil around dead grass
  • Safe for pets
  • Revitalizes soil
  • Prepares dead grass for reseeding

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Application Rates More Details Documents Dog Spot | Lawn Repair: Secret Ingredients FAQs

Always start by diluting Dog Spot. We recommend diluting it by at least 4 ounces of product per gallon of water.

If you have just a few spots on your lawn, we recommend mixing the product and water in a 5-gallon bucket. Allow the mixture to brew (sit) for 1–3 hours. After brewing, pour the mixture liberally over the affected areas.

If you have a large area or many spots to cover, we recommend using a sprayer to liberally coat the affected areas with the mixture.

Since you've diluted the product with water already, you do not have to water the area of your yard on which you applied the mixture for it to take effect.

If you apply Dog Spot before your grass has died, you should see your grass return to a vibrant green in 7–10 days. If your grass has already died by the time you apply Dog Spot, you will not see your grass come back to life, but your soil’s condition will be greatly improved so that new grass will be ready to grow.

As a dog owner, you know that dogs are creatures of habit and tend to pick the same spots on your lawn to “go.” This causes soil damage in the form of dog urine spots, ruining the dark green grass on your beautiful lawn.

Dog urine contains excess nitrogen that can create brown spots on your grass and prevent you from having a completely green lawn. Dog Spot encapsulates the nitrogen, which keeps it from burning your grass, quickly eliminates any odors and revitalizes the soil. This will rapidly return your grass to a vibrant, healthy shade of green.

Balancing the nitrogen content in the soil is important to prevent dead grass and promote high quality grass growth on your lawn that you and your dog can enjoy.

How Dog Spot Solution works

Dog Spot contains high levels of rich organic acids, which absorb the nitrogen in the dog urine that burns your lawn and causes grass damage. This absorption stops the lawn burn and begins the dog urine grass repair process.

The beneficial biology then works with plant roots to help make the nitrogen available to the grass and plants for growth. Using an organic program helps protect the environment, pets, wildlife, children and your family. You can even use this product alongside fertilizer or grass seed programs.

Free from toxic chemicals, Dog Spot can help deliver a nice, dark green lawn after grass damage from dog spots. You can enjoy your dog while continuing to protect your healthy, green lawn from dead grass caused by dog urine.

This product is specifically for small, concentrated, spot use on lawns. If you're looking to apply it to a larger section of your lawn or your entire lawn, we recommend Genesis. Since Genesis is sold in a gallon size, it's a more cost-effective option for large lawns.

Prevent Dog Urine Spots

Tired of baking soda and other home remedies and supplements to address dog urine spots? Repair dog urine damage on your grass effectively while protecting your family and pets from toxic chemicals. Our lawn supplement works on any type of grass and soil, helping to fix the nitrogen imbalances related to your dog's pee spots.

Male dogs, female dogs and all dog breeds can cause damage to nearly every type of grass. The root of the problem is in the soil, where the nitrogen in pet pee can kill, burn and damage the overall health of your lawn. That's why our natural, concentrated treatment is powerful—it addresses soil health to balance the nitrogen, helping prevent dog urine spots from ruining your lawn in 7–10 days.

If you catch the problem early enough, you can prevent the grass from dying and return it to its healthy shade of green. If the spots on your lawn are already dead by the time you apply Dog Spot, our all-natural treatment will revitalize the soil. With revitalized soil, your lawn will be prepared for reseeding.

Southland Organics turf and lawn care products leverage our three core features to supercharge soil with the building blocks turf grass needs to thrive.

Organic Turf Care

The added beneficial microbes help decompose residual pesticides and herbicides and unlock bound nutrients in the soil. This makes nutrients available to plants in simpler, more easily absorbed forms. Microbes amplify conventional programs by making your inputs work harder for longer.

Organic Turf Care

Organic acids and top-quality, organic carbon work to break surface tension of compacted soils and deliver oxygen to the root zone. Grass grows deeper roots in oxygenated soil, helping it resist disease and overtake weeds.

Organic Turf Care

Carbon is the main building block of all organic life. In fact, 50% of plant life is made up of carbon. Carbon feeds microbes and is critical to microbial health. The microbes, in turn, assimilate nutrients and deliver them to the roots for growth and development. Carbon is the ultimate macro element that lawns need to thrive.

With these three secret ingredients, plants develop deeper roots, retain water, resist disease and pests and become lush and healthy. Our soil amendments are a vital portion of a well-crafted turf program, allowing homeowners to grow beautiful lawns without harmful chemicals.

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