Dog Spot - Dog Urine Lawn Repair

Dog Spot can safely eliminate brown spots on your lawn caused by dog urine. Dogs are creatures of habit and tend to pick the same spots on your lawn to “go.” This kills your grass, causing dead or brown spots on your lawn. 

repair brown spots from dog pee dog running in green grass

We love our dogs, but dog urine can cause some really unsightly dog spots on our lawns. After all your hard work to make your yard a beautiful place for your family and pets to play, dog urine damage can be a really frustrating issue. Dog Spot is a natural product to treat dog urine damage, based on humic acid, active carbon and beneficial microbes. 



Treat Dog Urine Spots in your Lawn

dog spot dog urine lawn treatment

Dog Spot is an all-natural solution for dog urine spots in your lawn. It's based on beneficial microbes, organic acids and active carbon, which repair spots from your dog's urine by concentrating on repairing the soil.

Your lovely green lawn can begin to look unkempt when peppered by dog pee spots. Our Dog Spot treatment can fix dog urine spots so that you can get your lush lawn back and repair the damage to your lawn.

The soil-healing ingredients in Dog Spot quickly return your damaged grass to a vibrant, healthy shade of green and prepare dead grass for re-seeding. Our Dog Spot solution is sold in a quart size. Since this product is highly concentrated, a quart will last a small to medium sized lawn throughout the lawn growing season.

Since Dog Spot is all-natural, it's totally safe for people, pets and the planet! You, your family and of course, your dogs, will be totally safe around this product. No need to keep kids or dogs off of your lawn after you apply Dog Spot, and rest assured that Dog Spot will not cause any harmful chemical runoff when it rains.

Dog Spot can make brown grass green again, but please note that it can't bring completely dead grass back to life. No product can! More on this later.

You can learn more and purchase Dog Spot here. 

How dog urine spots work

Dog urine contains excess nitrogen that can create brown spots on your grass and prevent you from having a completely green lawn. Both male dogs and female dogs can burn grass with their urine.

dog urine spots on lawn

Nitrogen isn't necessarily a bad thing for your lawn. If you've even bought lawn fertilizer, you know that it has plenty of nitrogen in it! The thing about dog urine is that it has way too much nitrogen. The high nitrogen content of dog pee actually burns the grass, and that's why it turns brown.

On typical dog urine spots, you'll see a brown patch of grass with a circle of dark green grass around it. The brown grass has been burnt by the high nitrogen content in dog pee, and the dark green surrounding grass is just especially fertilized.

Don't let the green spots fool you- green urine spots are not a sign of a truly healthy lawn! These dark green spots could burn and turn brown in a few weeks, which would call for an application of Dog Spot.

For more information on how brown spots form in your lawn, check out this blog.

Dead grass can't come back to life

prevent dog urine spots

Dog Spot is pretty great for dog urine lawn repair, but it can't make your completely dead grass come back to life. Once grass is dead, it's dead!

Brown grass is not always dead- Dog Spot can definitely fix brown, unhealthy grass in urine spots!

Dog Spot is designed to make unhealthy grass healthy again by encapsulating excess nitrogen from dog pee and providing the necessary biology for soil health. It will help grass grow once it has been re-seeded. But as for totally dead grass, nothing can really turn it green again until you plant new grass seed.

You can tell if grass it dead by tugging on it a bit- if the grass comes out easily and feels really dry, it's probably dead. If the grass still seems pretty rooted in the soil, don't give up on it yet! It's probably just unhealthy and can be fixed with a little Dog Spot. 

Prepare for new grass seed

If your grass is truly dead, Dog Spot can help repair your soil so that new grass can thrive.

We recommend that you remove dead grass, spread your grass seeds and then apply Dog Spot. It will boost soil health and grass seed germination so that your dead grass can be replaced with healthy, green grass.

How to apply Dog Spot

Dog Spot is concentrated and should be diluted at a rate of 4 oz per gallon of water.

how to fix dog urine spots

If you have just a few dog urine spots on your lawn, we recommend mixing the product and water in a 5-gallon bucket. After brewing, pour the mixture liberally over the affected areas.

If you have a large area or many spots to cover, we recommend using a sprayer to liberally coat the affected areas with the mixture.

Since you've diluted the product with water already, you do not have to don't have to water in the product with your garden hose for it to take effect.

If you apply Dog Spot before your grass has died, you should see your grass return to a vibrant green in 7-10 days. If your grass has already died by the time you apply Dog Spot, you will not see your grass come back to life, but your soil’s condition will be greatly improved so that new grass will be ready to grow in the place that was previously hurt by your dog’s urine.

Learn more and buy Dog Spot here!

Our other lawn care products

You can prevent dog urine spots by caring for your lawn, keeping your soil healthy so it can better withstand the chemical stressors of dog urine. You can check out our all-natural lineup of lawn products here!

If you have a large lawn with many dog urine spots, we recommend you use one gallon of Genesis instead of Dog Spot. Genesis is very similar to Dog Spot, and since it's sold in a gallon size, it's a more cost effective option for large lawns experiencing dog pee spots.

If you have any questions about Southland Organics or Dog Spot, please reach out to us at or give us a call at 800-608-3755.

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