PORT is a ready-to-use liquid RV holding tank treatment specifically designed to provide improved waste degradation and odor control for holding tanks, vault toilets and pit type toilet applications. PORT efficiently and effectively breaks down solid waste in tanks and keeps your black holding tank smelling fresh.

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PORT RV Holding Tank Treatment Benefits

  • Eliminates odors, does not simply cover them up with perfumes and fragrances
  • Environmentally friendly and harmless to animal, human and marine life
  • Digests solid waste and toilet paper
  • Prevents waste buildup on tank sensors
  • Provides a rapid breakdown of difficult detergents, fats, oils, tissue, and hydrocarbons
  • Greatly reduces corrosion resulting from leaching hydrogen sulfide
  • Safe to handle and store
  • Super concentrated and cost effective

Easy to Apply

PORT RV holding tank treatment is incredibly easy to apply. All you have to do is pour it down your toilet bowl!

To break down solid waste in your RV holding tank, we recommend flushing PORT down your toilet bowl once a month. The first time you use PORT, we recommend using one quart so that any strong waste buildup in your RV holding tank can be addressed. Each month after that, we recommend flushing one 8 ounce bottle.

Types of Holding Tanks

In a standard RV, there are three types of an RV holding tank: a fresh water tank, a grey tank and the dreaded black holding tank.

Fresh Water Tank

The fresh water tank is for clean, unused water that comes out of the sink and shower in your RV. This is usually the largest RV holding tank, and it's easy to keep clean if regularly maintained. Although PORT is all-natural and safe to drink, we don't recommend you use it as an RV holding tank treatment for your fresh water tank because it doesn't taste good. It also has a dark color that will make water look brown when diluted.

Grey Tank

The grey tank is for wastewater that isn't quite as "dirty" as the water in the black tank. Grey tanks are where water from your RV's sinks and showers ends up. This water is no longer usable, but it's really not all that dirty. PORT can be used on your grey tank too! While your grey tank won't need as much attention as a black holding tank, PORT can help maintain it and prevent clogs from soap buildup.

Black Holding Tank

Then comes the RV black tank. This is where wastewater from the RV toilet, toilet paper and anything else that goes down the toilet bowl lands. The RV black tank is usually what folks dread most because it's the smelliest and requires the post maintenance. This is where RV black tank treatments like PORT come in! PORT helps solid waste and toilet paper dissolve in your black water holding tank, eliminating odors so you and your RV campground neighbors can breathe easily.

What are good RV holding tank treatments?

An RV holding tank treatment is usually for a black tank, since that is where solid waste and toilet paper winds up once being flushed down the commode. The main purpose of an RV holding tank treatment is to prevent your tank from developing a buildup of solid waste.

A good RV black tank treatment should eliminate unwanted odors, keep your tank clog free, keep your tank sensors clean and functioning and work with holding tanks of all types. Our PORT RV holding tank treatment fulfills all four of these needs.

Other RV holding tank treatments can't quite get all four of these tasks done. RV holding tank treatments based on harsh chemicals typically cover up smells with strong fragrances. The most powerful odor control is odor elimination! PORT eliminates odors completely with absolutely no fragrance. Plus, a chemical and formaldehyde holding tank treatment will NOT be safe for you, your kids or your pets to come into contact with. Not to mention the environmental impact once the wastewater enters the environment!

An enzyme-only holding tank treatment can help with clogs, but will not really eliminate odors. You (and your RV neighbors) will really appreciate a lack of smell, especially when you're camping for a long period of time. While a mineral black holding tank treatment will help with odor, it won't be as effective at breaking down solid waste and toilet paper throughout the entire tank. With PORT, you're not limited to septic safe toilet paper- it can break down regular toilet paper just fine.

Bacteria-based liquid tank treatments like PORT are absolutely the best RV holding tank treatment option that meets the four necessary requirements for a good holding tank treatment.

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How our Black Tank Treatment Works

Instead of using harsh, dangerous chemicals to break down waste, PORT holding tank treatment uses the power of indigenous bacteria to work as a powerful black tank treatment.

PORT RV holding tank treatment contains a synergistic blend of bacterial strains which have been scientifically developed (selectively adapted) to cope with difficult compounds, chemicals and toilet paper present in holding tanks. Unlike any other bio-formulation, PORT holding tank treatment contains bacterial strains which actually digest difficult and non- biodegradable compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons and phenols.

PORT's bio-formulation provides exceptional results controlling hydrogen sulfide and disgusting odors emitted from the holding tanks. Our holding tank treatment substrate is an organic product that controls sulfide odors by blocking the pathways of sulfide-producing compounds. Bottom line, it will keep your RV smelling fresh!

PORT best rv holding tank treatment

Eliminates Tank Odors

As an RV holding tank treatment, PORT can eliminate disgusting odors created by black tank solid waste buildup. PORT does this by binding hydrocarbons, mercaptans and odor-causing ammonia.

The key ingredient in PORT black tank treatment to eliminate odors is the native cypress lignin. Boasting 7 to 9 open receptor sites, the lignin can bind up to 1000 times its molecular weight. Combine the power of the lignin with the high levels of activated carbon and the competitive exclusion of odor-causing bacteria you get the results of a biological and chemical powerhouse, plus eliminating odors to keep your RV smelling fresh!

PORT RV holding tank treatment is also fragrance-free. It can eliminate odors without the use of strong scents, proving that its organic acids and beneficial microbes truly stop unpleasant smells at the source.

Break Down Solid Waste

The most important aspect of an RV holding tank treatment is that it breaks down waste and toilet paper. These substances can build up in holding tanks, so it's necessary to digest waste inside an RV holding tank to increase time between pumps and prevent nasty clogs.

PORT RV holding tank treatment has live bacteria that breaks down in waste and toilet paper in holding tanks.

Pour the PORT

Make it Even Easier

Want to never think about your RV holding tank treatment again? Subscribe to a hassle-free RV holding tank! We offer a program called Pour the PORT. In this subscription program, we mail PORT to your door four times per year.

On your first shipment, you'll receive one quart and three 8 ounce bottles of PORT. You start with the quart, which will get rid of a stubborn holding tank issue if you have one. Each month after pour the quarts down the toilet and into your RV holding tank. Each shipment after that will include four 8 ounce bottles. Just use once per month to maintain a well-functioning, odor-free holding tank!

Other uses for PORT

While PORT is an excellent RV holding tank treatment, it has several other uses too. Breaking down waste in holding tanks is not entirely different from doing so in septic systems, vault toilets and campground pit toilets. PORT breaks down waste in septic systems and clears drain lines and increases the longevity of outdoor toilets between pumps.

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