Catalyst Poultry Vitamin | Liquid Formula

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Catalyst Poultry Vitamin | Liquid Formula

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$ 23.00

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Our Catalyst Poultry Vitamin Liquid Formula is a liquid version of our classic Catalyst Poultry Vitamin. This 8 oz. variation of Catalyst is specially designed for folks with small-scale poultry operations or backyard chicken coops. It has the same vitamins and benefits as our classic powder Catalyst. This liquid formula is easier to apply and more efficient for smaller-scale flocks.
  • Highly absorbable
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps promote leg and bone development, heart health, skin health and blood health
  • High concentration of vitamins per serving
  • Easily pour into coop waterers
  • Available in our Backyard Poultry Bundle
  • Download instructions on how to use
Are you a commercial poultry grower? Our dry product is made for commercial or large-scale poultry growers. It’s the classic version of Catalyst and comes in an 800g sealed bag.
For best results, use with Hen Helper poultry probiotic.
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Backyard Poultry

Shake well before use. Settling is natural. Apply one teaspoon per gallon of water in your coop waterer once a week. For chicks, apply for three days in a row, and then once per week. If using Hen Helper (recommended), apply on the same day for three days, and then once per week. For adult birds, apply once per week, on the same day as Hen Helper (if using).

For best results, use with Hen Helper poultry probiotic. Hen Helper increases nutrient absorption so that birds can get the most out of the nutrients in Catalyst and in their feed!

For detailed instructions on how to use these products for your coop, check out our Backyard Poultry Dosing Chart.

Unlike many of our other products, Catalyst doesn't necessarily have any "secret" ingredients, or features you may not think of when you consider the product. It's pretty straightforward- they're vitamins specifically for poultry!

Catalyst Poultry Vitamin is packed with a specially formulated, poultry-specific combination of vitamins and minerals that maximize performance. The predominant focus of vitamins in poultry feed are fat-soluble vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K are stored for long periods of time. If there is not a balanced correlation with the water-soluble vitamins like those in Catalyst, then a higher risk of imbalance, poor performance and toxicity may occur in your flock.

When birds get a proper balance of fatty acids, amino acids, water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins, then the immune system is greatly strengthened, and the immune response to diseases and other challenges is increased. Because of this, Catalyst is a great option to increase the health of your broiler chickens, game birds, turkey or laying hens!

Vitamin K 2 helps birds’ bodies process Calcium and Vitamin D. It also promotes blood health. You can give your birds heavy doses of Vitamin D and calcium in their diet, but without enough K 2, their bodies simply don’t have what they need to use it. This would lead to poor shell quality, a drop in egg production, brittle bones and other health issues.

Birds that take Catalyst have better leg and bone development and healthier hearts, skin and blood. Folic acid is included in Catalyst to encourage feather growth and reproductive health and prevent poor feathering. Vitamin D 3 improves shell quality and bone health. Biotin prevents dermatitis around the eyes and on the feet.

It's absolutely possible for chickens to experience a vitamin deficiency. Just like you and me, the best way to fix a lack of essential vitamins is through a vitamin supplement!

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