Litter Life | Poultry Litter Amendment

$ 29.00


Gallon 2.5 Gallons

Litter Life | Poultry Litter Amendment

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$ 29.00


Gallon 2.5 Gallons

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Litter Life is designed to improve litter quality and strengthen poultry health. This mixture of biologically active carbon, organic acids and beneficial microbes helps dry and condition litter, defend against harmful bacteria and control ammonia. Birds grow in a healthier environment with less threat of disease, lower mortality and better performance.

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Commercial Poultry

Mix 1 gallon of Litter Life with 9 gallons of water to cover 2,000 square feet.

After mixing, apply with a sprayer—500 gallon house washer, 25 gallon tank on the back of a four wheeler, etc. Anything you have will get the job done!

Apply Litter Life at least 7–10 days before placement. For best results, apply 12–14 days before placement.

It is best to apply Litter Life on a bare pad, so the good bacteria in Litter Life are able to get down into the dirt to competitively exclude the bad bacteria (like E. coli and Clostridium). Applying Litter Life before placement also introduces beneficial, biologically active, organic carbon to the floor.

If you are not able to apply on a bare pad, apply Litter Life on your built-up litter before adding the new bedding. Litter Life is safe to apply with birds present.

After spraying Litter Life on a cool day, close up the house. This will keep in warmth to increase beneficial microbial activity. If it is a warm day, you can leave the house open to let the warmth inside. It is important to note that nitrogen that cannot bind to carbon in a 25:1 ratio will gas off as ammonia. So, 1–2 days after spraying, you can open your house to allow ammonia to exit.

*If you are using any other products to deal with ammonia at placement, apply Litter Life a few days prior. This allows the bacteria in Litter Life to get down into the litter first, so it will not be affected by the other products that only affect the top crust of the litter.

**Do not allow product to freeze or exceed 130 °F.

Backyard Poultry

Add 1 pint of Litter Life in a gallon sprayer of water.This will cover up to 250 square feet. Litter Life is safe to apply with birds present.

*Do not allow product to freeze or exceed 130 °F.


Litter Life is a patented liquid formula specifically designed to improve litter quality and poultry health. Whether you clean out, cake out, till or windrow, you know managing litter can be a bulk of your operation. If done effectively, some of these methods can kill bacteria, which is an important step in keeping birds healthy. If you don’t properly repopulate good bacteria in the litter management process, the floor becomes a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

The best way to repopulate natural defenses is to add a mixture of biologically active carbon, organic acids and naturally occurring microbes—good bacteria. These work together to accelerate decomposition, keep litter dry, control ammonia and take out the bad bacteria when it does show up in your new flock.

Litter Life is a scientifically designed litter treatment for biosecurity made to keep your floors secure. With strong natural defenses, birds grow in a healthier environment with less threat of disease, lower mortality and better performance for all.

Bacteria + Organic Acids + Active Carbon

Litter Life uses beneficial bacteria to outcompete harmful bacteria and provides valuable activated carbon. The process of cold water extraction leaves not only indigenous biology fully intact but provides an environment for them to rapidly multiply.

Organic Turf Care

Beneficial Microbiota

Big ole Bird is specially formulated with live bacteria in vegetative form that prove to fight disease on poultry house floors.

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Organic Acids

Most people in commercial poultry production think of a mere acidification of water when the hear organic acids. Yes, they provide some acidifying effects but they provide many more benefits to keep your flock healthy.

Pathogen colonization is when harmful microbes such as salmonella and escherichia coli gather in a poultry house floor. These harmful bacteria then attack the epithelial cells causing inflammation in both baby chicks and adult chickens. As they attack the epithelial cells they form a protective biofilm that serves as a physical barrier. Fulvic acid is "wetter than water" and serves as a destroyer of biofilms. Our acids destroy that protective layer that the disease causing organisms produce. This mechanism assists the birds natural barrier function for improved immune response.

Active Carbon


The carbon baseline for Litter Life binds harmful compounds. Think in terms of charcoal which has been used for thousands of years to improve drinking water and for general detoxification purposes.

Activated carbon is a deeper level as it adsorbs longer chain hydrogen rich molecules. The activated carbon in Litter Life has shown to adsorb benzenes, chelate nutrients, and bind metals. The health benefits for both commercial and backyard poultry is in the adsorption of mycotoxins.

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20 Jun 2016

Litter Life is wonderful!

I used to used a product called stall dry that was like scoop-able cat litter. The litter would start to turn brown in color really quickly. I am in week 3 with Litter Life and the litter is still a bright color. The litter stays dry and doesn't smell. The litter is dry! This product is amazing! Even with ducks and geese in the barn I have no problem keeping there area nice now. I have small barns so I use a little garden sprayer. I use 13 ounces product to a gallon of water. Make sure to follow directions and evenly spray the litter.

21 Feb 2014
Columbia F.

9.7 with a feed conversion of 196 in 56 and a half days

Ive been using Big Ole Bird for awhile now but this last flock I grew the best bird in Columbia Farms history; 9.7 with a feed conversion of 196 in 56 and a half days.

19 Feb 2014
Jeanie, P.

Our mortality rate was lower than it has been in years

We just finished our first grow out on Big Ole Bird. My husband was not too sure about trying it. He has been a grower for 20+ years and has seen many things come down the line. Needless to say he was pleasantly surprised when I told him we were number three. Our mortality rate was lower than it has been in years despite them putting 2000 more birds in our three houses than usual. We had a great weight and an incredible feed conversion. When they came to take the fat count they said they had never seen a count that good before.

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