Omega Soil Activator

$ 109.00


2.5 Gallon Gallon

Omega Soil Activator

$ 109.00


2.5 Gallon Gallon

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Omega is our amplified formula of biologically active carbon and organic acids. The added proprietary blend of beneficial microbes promotes nutrient uptake and builds turf that is resilient to disease and environmental stress.

  • Decreases nutrient runoff
  • Provides a natural guard and reduces pathogen influence
  • Greatly reduces Zoysia patch and large patch in lawns and fairways
  • Increases plant growth and development
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Establishes a balanced soil food web
  • Provides relief to stressed and shocked root systems when laying new sods and plugs
  • Increases soil energy as measured by Cation exchange capacity
  • Reduces compaction in heavy clay soils
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Always dilute Omega. We recommend a 1:20 product to water ratio. Be sure to use all of the diluted mixture within 24 hours.


Apply Omega in during the summer months (June-September).

Dilute and apply 4-12 ounces of Omega per 1,000 square feet of land. Repeat this every 28 days for a total of 3-4 applications.

Golf Courses

Apply Omega starting in June and continuing throughout September.

Dilute and apply 10-12 ounces of Omega per 1,000 square feet of land. Repeat this every 28 days for a total of 5 applications.


Use Omega in late spring through fall during hydroseeding projects.

Add 1 gallon of concentrated product per 500 gallons of slurry. Add Omega before adding water so that it can coat the seeds and mulch well in your agitator.


Apply Omega starting late May and continuing through August or September, depending on your start date.

Dilute and apply 6-8 ounces of Omega per 1,000 square feet. If you’re using our sprayer, make sure the dial is set to a 1:20 product to water ratio.

Repeat this every 28 days for a total of 4 applications.

Omega Soil Activator is a proven liquid formula of biologically active carbon, organic acids and added beneficial microbes, specially designed for the toughest conditions. If you’re a landscaper, Omega will be the product that helps turn those unruly yards that just. won’t. get. green. into the envy of the neighborhood. If you’re a golf course superintendent, Omega will be your go-to for the peak season, giving golfers zero room to blame their game on the greens. If you’re a hydroseeder, Omega will add confidence to your slurry by giving you sustained grass growth and soil fertility on your long-term projects.

How? When you feed the soil in the presence of stress, like heat and unpredictable rainfall, you energize microorganisms and promote nutrient uptake to maximize the potential of grass. This builds turf that is resilient to environmental changes.

Regardless of grass type, to build an optimal soil structure, proper carbon levels and microbial activity are essential. Omega contains a safe, natural mixture of these, adding necessary ingredients to stimulate root and plant growth rapidly. By unlocking existing nutrients and maximizing uptake from previous applications, Omega promotes a fertile growing environment that makes the most of your other inputs. This soil activator will also address thatch management, break down other organic matter, aerate soil to continue delivering oxygen to the root zone, and relieve compacted soil.

Omega is designed to boost conventional turf and erosion control programs. We have studied the results of the applications, made tissue samples and monitored the application rates. The results continue to prove that Omega will take your lawns, golf course greens, and hydroseeding jobs to the next level.

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