Hydroseeding Products for Faster Seed Germination and Erosion Control

What if there was a secret recipe for hydroseeding that could transform your projects into a lush, green oasis? (Psst, there is!) We're sharing the secrets to the ultimate hydroseeding recipe.
Boosting Germination with Hydroseeding Products

Looking to establish a new lawn? Control erosion? Rejuvenate your existing grass? Hydroseeding is the answer. But how do you equip your soil with the tools for optimal seed growth? Our premier hydroseeding products, Genesis Soil Conditioner and Omega Soil Activator! Scientifically proven for faster seed germination, Genesis and Omega use biologically active carbon, organic acids and microbes to add a heaping dose of confidence to your slurry.

Sandy Creek Hydroseeding, a family-owned and operated landscaping company in Monroe, Georgia was faced with the task of hydroseeding the Monroe Pavilion. Their tool of choice was our Omega Soil Activator. 


Omega Soil Activator

Hydroseeding products

With their commitment to quality and innovation, Sandy Creek Hydroseeding knew they needed the best product on the market for their hydroseed recipe at the Monroe Pavilion. That's why they turned to Omega.

Omega is our amplified formula of biologically active carbon and organic acids. The added proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria promotes nutrient uptake and builds grass that is resilient to disease and environmental stress.

Omega is not your average soil activator. Specially formulated with a powerful blend of biologically active carbon and organic acids, what sets it apart is its unique proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria, which work together to promote nutrient uptake and strengthen the grass against disease and environmental stress. By incorporating Omega into their hydroseeding mixture, Sandy Creek Hydroseeding ensured that the Monroe Pavilion will have lush and thriving grass.

How to Apply

Use Omega in the late spring through fall during hydroseeding projects.

Mix 1 gallon of concentrated product per 500 gallons of slurry. Add Omega before adding water so that it can coat the seeds and mulch well in your agitator as the pump and pressure mixes everything together.

Learn more about Omega.

Genesis Soil Conditioner

Jug of hydroseeding product

Like Omega, Genesis is powered by active carbon, beneficial microbes and organic acids. Genesis and Omega simply have different microbial packages that make them work a bit differently.

Genesis creates the most optimal environment for faster germination and root development. Its biostimulants accelerate root growth through oxygenation, chelate soil nutrients to make them accessible to the plant, combat negative fungal growth and aerate compacted soil.

Contractors who add Genesis to their slurries and seeding projects will deliver superior control of erosion and ultimately win more bids. Compared to other hydroseeding supplies, Genesis is very cost-effective.

In a third party study, TRI Environmental found that grass seeds treated with Genesis had a 155% greater germination rate compared to a control group. Learn more in this case study!

How to Apply

Apply Genesis during the early spring months (March–May, depending on where you live and what type of grass you grow) or 2 weeks before green-up.

Always dilute Genesis. We recommend a 1:20 product to water ratio. Use all of the diluted mixture within 24 hours.

Spread your seed as you normally would. Dilute and spray 10–12 ounces of Genesis per 1,000 square feet immediately after spreading your seed. Apply once more in 21–30 days.

Learn more about Genesis.

The Ultimate Hydroseeding Recipe

Genesis and Omega both add beneficial microbes that convert nutrients from your fertilizer (and those bound up from previous fertilizers) into plant-ready food. But if there isn’t enough carbon present, the microbes go hungry—so Genesis and Omega also add the highest quality, organic carbon to keep those microbes moving. The microbes and carbon, plus organic acids, work with your hydroseeding mulch to get the job done better and faster.

Win More Bids

When you load up your tank with Genesis or Omega, your jobs will germinate and establish faster, and the grass will grow fuller. How? Because your soil will have what it needs to grow effectively and efficiently! This translates to superior erosion control, ultimately winning more bids with this cost-effective solution.

"On my first hydroseed job with the product I started noticing breakthrough at day six. It certainly produces better results in the first few critical weeks after spraying." —Bill in South Carolina

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