Septic Tank Treatment for Farmers 

If you have a farm, you probably have a septic tank. And if you have a septic tank, you definitely need a septic tank treatment. 

Septic tanks are great for waste disposal in rural areas. But if they run into issues like clogging, they can really stink. Since most of you farmers have septic systems on your farms or your homes near your farms, it’s important to make sure that they’re running smoothly. A clogged septic tank can be tough (and gross!) to deal with, and it can take time away from your farm. 

Your septic tank is the one of the last things you should have to worry about when working on your farm! Managing this issue at home with a reliable, effective septic tank treatment can prevent a septic fiasco and help you focus on your farm. 



Maintenance for Septic Tanks

Southland Organics' PORT is a powerful septic tank treatment that provides rapid waste degradation without any harsh chemicals. PORT efficiently and effectively breaks down waste in tanks and clears bio-solids for a healthy septic system. PORT opens up clogged pipes, often adding years between having your tank pumped. 

This means you can “set it and forget it.” That means you can add PORT as a septic tank treatment and then go focus on your business! No need to worry about drain field issues at home while you’re on the job.

Benefits of PORT

Since PORT is all-natural and powered by bacteria, it works without harmful chemicals and is totally safe for you, your family, your pets, livestock and the environment. This means anything that goes in your drain field will not have harsh chemicals in it that will impact you, your water or your animals. 

PORT breaks down solids with scientifically-selected aerobic bacteria that aerate sludge in septic tanks. It keeps drain lines clear and clog-free, and you only have to apply it once a month. Consider PORT to be working with nature instead of against it.

Our septic tank treatment is made and packaged in the USA, and it’s non-corrosive. With PORT you can commit fully to your farm knowing that your septic system at home is taken care of.

Application Rate

For a 500-gallon septic tank with a drain field, we recommend pouring 8 ounces of PORT as a monthly septic tank treatment.

For problematic septic systems with 500-gallon tanks, a monthly dose of 1 gallon of PORT will resolve most issues within a couple of applications.

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