Septic Tank Treatment

Portable Outdoor Restroom Treatment—break down waste and control odor!
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2.5 Gallon Jug
Southland Organics Down

The 2.5 Gallon Jug is ideal for vault toilets.

*Covers a large amount of ground

Gallon Jug
Southland Organics Down

The Gallon Jug is great for dosing periodic application.

*Treats small vault toilets and large septic tanks

Southland Organics Down

In the first shipment, you will receive 1 quart and (3) 8 oz bottles of PORT Septic Tank Treatment. Upon arrival, simply pour the quart down the drain or flush the toilet. Every 30 days after the initial application, pour one 8 oz bottle into the drain or toilet. The quart will shock the system, and the cute little 8 oz bottles will maintain a happy system.

Let us remember to keep your waste under control, so you don't have to! Each additional shipment will contain (4) 8 oz maintenance bottles. Simply pour down a drain or flush down the toilet every 30 days.

Southland Organics Down

The Quart is the perfect size to shock your septic tank or to treat a large holding tank.

Ships Next Day

Southland Organics PORT is a powerful outdoor restroom treatment that provides rapid waste degradation and odor control. PORT efficiently and effectively breaks down waste in tanks and clears bio-solids. PORT breaks down solids and opens up drain lines, often adding years between pumping.

All Natural
Carbon Based
Liquid Product
  • Eliminates Odors, does not simply cover them up with perfumes or fragrances
  • Harmless to human, animal and marine life
  • Digests difficult compounds toxic to naturally occurring bacteria or existing sewage bacteria
  • Breaks down difficult detergents, fats, oils, tissue, and hydrocarbons
  • Reduces corrosion resulting from leaching hydrogen sulfide
  • Non corrosive, non pathogenic; safe to handle and store


Our Pour the Port Subscription is SIMPLE. We ship you 1 quart + (3) 8 oz bottles every quarter. Simply flush down your toilet monthly.