Transform your Turf with Genesis

Earlier activation.
Reduced soil compaction.
Happier customers.

Genesis Soil Conditioner is the turf pro's secret weapon for spring.

With less soil compaction and earlier green up, your customers will love the results you deliver with your expertise, hard work and Genesis Soil Conditioner.

Boost Green Up

Experience earlier activation and greener turf

Improve Soil Health

Decrease nutrient leaching and aerate compacted soil

Enjoy Happy Customers

Increase customer satisfaction with great results and no harsh chemicals

"Great on hydroseeding of pond dam"

Fast Germination. Bermuda was cut at 22 days.


Case Study: Genesis Enhancing Germination + Plant Mass

To evaluate the effectiveness of Genesis, Southland Organics consulted TRI Environmental for laboratory testing of the product in regard to germination and vegetation enhancement.

This third-party study found that, compared to a control group, grass treated with Genesis experienced:

  • 155% higher seed germination rate
  • 1550% higher seed germination rate after 7 days
  • 136% taller average plant height
  • 250% greater plant mass area

A Superior Soil Amendment

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