Defender Natural Insecticide

$ 170.00

Defender Natural Insecticide

$ 170.00

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Defender natural insecticide is safe for people, pets, plants and the environment. This all-natural insecticide works against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants and many more insects. It is a contact kill, pheromone interrupter and will disrupt future egg cycles. Defender is sold in a 2.5 gallon size. 

  • Kills insects on contact
  • Disrupts future egg cycles
  • Helps prevent pests from returning
Application Rates More Details Documents Defender Natural Insecticide: Secret Ingredients FAQs

Always start by shaking Defender well. We recommend diluting it by 8 oz. of product per gallon of water, though you can use up to 16 oz. of product for highly infested areas. 1 gallon of this dilution can cover between 1,500-7,500 square feet. Apply with a pump sprayer or backpack blower. Cover all shrubs, trees, equipment and turf areas.

Since Defender kills on contact, you can apply it whenever you begin to see a pest problem, like nymphs or eggs. We do not recommend using Defender as a preventative product. Defender is effective for 21-28 days, and can then be re-applied whenever a pest issue re-appears.

*Do not apply directly to aquatic environments.

**Avoid direct sunlight. Store at temps above 40°F. Keep container tightly closed in a well-ventilated area.


Beautiful yards without dangerous chemicals

Want to have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood? Get that yard and make it safe for you, kids and pets.

Get all-natural pest control from the experts at Southland Organics.

Defender Natural Insecticide uses a combination of organic essential oils and natural stabilizers to get rid of annoying pests in your grass and the soil. At the same time, we don't leave heavy garlic aroma hanging around your place making you crave a visit to the nearest pizza place. Our all-natural pesticide also does not leave your yard smelling like the local industrial park. That's equally important.

All-Natural and Safe

Merely saying a product is "all-natural" does not mean it is also safe. Poison ivy is natural, but if you are allergic to it, it is not a good idea to handle the vines.When we say all-natural and safe, we mean our products are safe to use around children, pets, livestock and also will not harm beneficial critters like bees and butterflies. Ranchers are buying our bulk product now to spray on horses, cattle, goats, and sheep to keep the flies away.

It's just that safe.

How It Works

Our blend of organic oils does two things.

1) Suffocation.

The blend of oils and the stabilizers combine to create a coating that dries on soft-bodied pests like mosquitos. They can't breathe. The stabilizers make the oil stay long enough to dry and do the job.

Because it dries quickly, the butterflies and bees don't get the same kind of soaking the skeeters get. Mosquitoes hide during the day on the underside of plant and bush leaves. They don't like to move during the day. When they become active, the bees and butterflies are tucking in for the night. That's why we recommend spraying during the day.

2) Smell.

When our spray dries, the smell to humans leaves. We don't have the same kind of noses as insects. The scent of the essential oils stays. The bloodsuckers do not like these odors. It says "DANGER!" to them. Beneficial insects are sometimes attracted to these odors.

The smell can stay for a month or longer depending on things like the weather.

It creates a barrier around your yard. Insects approach hit that natural wall and decide they need to be somewhere else.

Tiny Vampires

Southland Organics Defender Natural Insecticide comes after the tiny vampire insects, but we don't use wooden stakes and religious symbols. We use all-natural and safe sprays to get rid of the bloodsuckers.

We have used this product for three years in our local market as a mosquito yard spray service company—Spray Squad. We are that confident in it.

Natural Pesticides

Mother Nature produces plenty of natural and safe pesticides. You've probably heard of and used pyrethrum. This natural wasp killer is made from the chrysanthemum flower. That's right. The same flower you pin on your mom for Mother's Day is used to take out hives of hornets and wasps.

Citronella, the candles, and oil burned in tiki torches to keep the airplane-sized mosquitoes away from the backyard on a 4th of July barbecue are taken from the rind of citrus fruits.

Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the seeds of an evergreen tree.

Diatomaceous earth is just the fossilized remands of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are the microscopic critters in the ocean. You can't see them without a microscope. It's sold as a powder.

Southland Organics took a deeper look at the smells and products that Mother Nature supplies to come up with the best blend for an all-natural insecticide that will do your yard right while keeping the bad bugs at bay.

Our oil spray meets the 25B FIFRA Exempt product requirements. That's just the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) fancy way of saying it is tested and certified as being natural. The EPA also says the labeling means "the active ingredient of a product is the ingredient that kills, destroys, mitigates, or repels pests named on the product label." See Criteria for FIFRA 25(b) Exemption

So when we tell you it takes care of the critters we list on the label, we mean it.

Get Rid of Them

With Southland Organics Defender Natural Insecticide, application is easy.

You'll also need a mist blower. Why? You need to spray into trees and bushes. Standard pump sprayers coat the outside of plants and shrubs. That is not effective. Skeeters, midges, no-see-ums, and other tiny vampires like to hide deep inside the bushes. The blower pushes leaves up and away, allowing the mist to penetrate deep into the bushes.

We recommend the Stihl 400 series or the Stihl 200. The Stihl 200 is a much lighter backpack and gets the job done; however, it only holds 2.1 gallons of water. The 400 series is pretty heavy over time.

If you are spraying livestock, then a tank and PTO-drive pump will do what you need. You want the spray on the animals, so the flies won't land.


Our spray is fast. You can spray and immediately use your yard. That means if you are planning a big event, like your daughter's wedding reception, spray in the morning, and you are good to go for the rest of the day.

For the best results, we recommend spraying the day before.

Organic gardening is fun but challenging. We know the challenges as we have our own Certified Naturally Grown operation on our farm. No more concoctions of pepper spray, castile soap, and clumsy hand spray bottles. Aphids and other insects do not stand a chance against Defender.

Are you a commercial landscaper or property manager?

We have assisted in establishing many landscapers, spray companies, pest control companies and property managers in the business of controlling landscapes.


The big question—is the Defender Natural Insecticide effective? Yes. Tests run by other people show it kills more than 80 percent of the pests, eggs and their larvae within 24 hours.

Get 'em

It is time to start biting back. Get Defender to get 'em when they start getting you.

Well, we do have to say it probably will not drive away your annoying in-laws. In fact, the lack of bugs may make them stay longer.

Still not sure? Let's talk about it.

Safety Declaration

This product has not been registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Southland Organics represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under FIFRA Section 25(b).

At Southland Organics, we believe that nature offers us solutions to the problems it presents. This is the basis for the inclusion of essential oils in several of our products used by homeowners and farmers alike. Our products that have essential oils as “secret ingredients” are Torched All-Natural Weed Killer, Defender Natural Insecticide, SO Essentials Bug Spray and Desecticide Darkling Beetle Insecticide.

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained via mechanical pressing or steam distillation of plant material. Each oil has unique physical and chemical properties that make them useful in a variety of products for human, animal and plant health. These properties can be anything from scent and color to solubility and polarity. For example, if you or I were to have a headache, rosemary or spearmint essential oil can provide some relief due to their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Citronella is another example of a well-known and commonly utilized essential oil. Rather than curing headaches, citronella is a strong deterrent for flying insects such as mosquitos.

Essential oils are a powerful tool offered by nature to alleviate some common problems faced by home and farm owners alike. Here at Southland Organics, we choose to use those tools to our advantage to provide you with safe, natural, and effective solutions to the problems you face.

In the case of both Desecticide Darkling Beetle Insecticide and Defender Natural Insecticide, oils that are toxic to insects are combined to create two highly effective insecticides. As an added benefit, some of these oils double as an insect repellent.

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