Turf Revival Air & Thatch

Breathe life into your lawn and break down thatch!

Turf Revival Air & Thatch is the ultimate compost accelerant, liquid aerator, and microbial dethatcher that breaks down your lawn’s thatch, reviving it to healthy and lush conditions.

For dormant grass, add Southland Organic’s Green Mine. 


  • At the end of the summer season when your lawn is thick with grass clippings (thatch).
  • Or whenever your lawn needs aeration.
  • Apply twice, with 3 weeks between applications.

Directions for Sprayer Bottle

  • Connect a water hose to the nozzle and turn your water on at ½ pressure.
  • Turn the dial to the “MIX” position.
  • Walk at a slow pace moving your wrist side to side, enough to spray a 6-8 foot wide pattern over the soil.
  • Covers 4,000 sq ft.

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