The Best All-Natural Septic Tank Treatment

For many homeowners, having a septic tank is the best, if not the only, option for taking care of your business. But when you have an issue with your septic tank, it can really stink!
natural septic tank treatment

Preventing septic tank disasters starts with a great septic tank treatment. This preventative maintenance can save you loads of time, money and hassle- and all it takes is one monthly application! Check out this video to learn more about a simple way to make sure your septic tank is running smoothly.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Preventing septic tank disasters starts with a great septic tank treatment. Southland Organics' PORT is a powerful septic tank treatment that provides rapid waste degradation and odor control. PORT efficiently and effectively breaks down waste and clears bio-solids in septic systems. PORT breaks down solid waste and opens up clogged pipes, often adding years between having your tank pumped!

PORT is designed so you can "set it and forget it." All you have to do is pour it down your sink or toilet once a month. You can focus on your busy life and rest assured that your business is being taken care of.

Benefits of our Septic Tank Treatment

Our PORT septic tank treatment is unique because it contains live bacteria that will digest difficult and non-biodegradable compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons and phenols. PORT is powered by active bacteria that clears your home plumbing lines, including solids and grease, and unlike most treatments.

No more DIY hydrogen peroxide solutions or organic solvents to help clogged pipes. PORT is a much more innovative, simple and safe solution. Our septic tank treatment product has active bacteria cultures that can reduce solids with just one monthly dose.

All-Natural, Safe and Environmentally Friendly

PORT works with nature, not against it, to break down solids and clear drain lines. Since it's powered by beneficial bacteria, PORT is totally safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment.

Whatever goes in your tank winds up in your drain field, an area that may double as your backyard where your pets and kids play. Since PORT is all-natural, you don't have to worry about any toxic chemicals going into this drain field and threatening its safety. Plus, the runoff from your septic tank can impact the local groundwater system. By keeping harsh chemicals out of your septic system treatment, you can promote the sustaining of a healthy ecosystem.

Application Rate

Applying PORT as a septic tank treatment is incredibly simple. All you have to do is flush it down your toilet or pour it down your sink once a month. If you're having a problem with your septic tank, we recommend pouring one quart. For regular maintenance, we recommend 8 oz. as a monthly dose.

If you want to make it even easier, you can subscribe to our Pour the PORT program. Every four months, we'll send you four bottles of PORT. On your first order, we send you one quart and three 8 oz. bottles to get you started. Every month after that, we send you four 8 oz. bottles so you can maintain that smooth flowing septic tank. You just pour one bottle per month and you'll be all set for a duty-free yard.

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If you have any questions about our PORT septic tank treatment, contact Allen Reynolds at or Brad Broxton at

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