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Southland Organics is proud to introduce our Perfect Turf Organic Lawn Program. We call it Perfect Turf, but the program is probably far from what you think of in conventional lawn care programs. We believe that the lawn should look as good as possible but we also prioritize the health of the soil way above the temporary looks of a manicured lawn.

On any lawn care program, your turf will not look perfect all the time. Even in conventional lawn care programs, you are highly susceptible to pests and disease because the weak soil and natural fighting abilities have been destroyed. While implementing our Perfect Turf Organic Lawn Program, we ask that you use common sense and know that your lawn will not look perfect, at least not all the time. If you are switching over from a conventional program, it is going to take time to repair the damage that’s been done and to build up the soil flora and nutrients back to a healthy state.

Maybe you’re not ready to completely make the switch to a 100% organic program. That’s ok. We’ve designed TurfALive just for you! TurfALive is a unique blend that includes all the benefits of humates with an added 4% synthetic nitrogen, similar to what you’re accustomed to applying, only a significantly smaller amount. Plus, our products work well as integral parts of conventional lawn care programs and drastically reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers.

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We have crafted an easy to follow 1, 2, 3 Phase System. Each phase represents a stage of annual lawn care.

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