FertALive | Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer

$ 59.00


2.5 Gallons Gallon Sprayer Quart Refill Quart

FertALive | Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer

$ 59.00


2.5 Gallons Gallon Sprayer Quart Refill Quart

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FertALive is a humic acid fertilizer for professional-level lawn and garden care. Based on Chilean nitrate, PSBs, KSBs and liquid carbon, our stable and organic liquid humic concentrate provides a reliable source of nutrients, enhances conventional fertility programs and helps lawns and gardens reach their full potential.

Benefits of FertALive:

  • Delivers highly effective nutrition to lawns, gardens and crops
  • Prompts increased nutrient uptake
  • Induces fast-acting uniform growth
  • Enhances conventional fertility programs
  • Includes liquid carbon and beneficial microbes
  • Improves availability of plant nutritional elements

FertALive is also available in our Lawn Care Bundles.

Microbes Organic Acids Carbon

Application Rates More Details Documents FertALive | Liquid Humic Acid Fertilizer: Secret Ingredients FAQs

Apply FertALive in the summer when it begins to get warm—around May, depending on where you live.

Always dilute FertALive. We recommend a 1:30 product to water ratio. Be sure to use all of the diluted mixture within 24 hours.

Dilute and apply 8 ounces of FertALive per 1,000 square feet. Repeat this every 21 days for a total of 4 applications.

*If you’re also using our Omega Soil Activator (recommended), alternate applications during the summer heat.

Nutrient Analysis

Nitrogen (N): 4.00 ppm

Potash: 0.00 ppm

Aluminum (Al): 360 ppm

Boron (B): 0.77 ppm

Cadmium (Cd): <0.1 ppm

Calcium (Ca): 254 ppm

Chromium (Cr): 0.84 ppm

Copper (Cu): 1.38 ppm

Iron (Fe): 183 ppm

Lead (Pb): <0.5 ppm

Magnesium (Mg): 431 ppm

Manganese (Mn): 1.66 ppm

Molybdenum (Mo): 0.42 ppm

Nickel (Ni): <0.2 ppm

Phosphorus (P): 93.9 ppm

Potassium (K): 31.5 ppm

Silicon (Si): 72.1 ppm

Sodium (Na): 4280 ppm

Sulfur (S): 7672 ppm

Zinc (Zn): 0.62 ppm

Organic Liquid Humic Concentrate

As an organic liquid humic acid fertilizer, FertALive is scientifically formulated to deliver highly effective nutrition to lawns, row crops and vegetable gardens. This superior technology was developed to safely provide high-quality foliar nutrition for fast-acting uniform growth. When developing FertALive as a humic acid fertilizer, we carefully considered significant issues, such as leaching, nitrification, soil structure, biological damage and other problems associated with conventional foliar fertilizers and plant foods.

FertALive is a unique blend of various fertilizer sources and a powerful humic acid substance. Compared to other fertilizers and plant foods, FertALive is unique in structure, process and results. This stable and reliable source of nutrients from humic substances enhances conventional fertility programs and helps plants reach their full potential.

FertALive provides a range of beneficial live biology, humic and fulvic acids, nitrogen and high levels of carbon. This combination provides a comprehensive blend of nutrients, and then binds those nutrients to the soil around your plants' roots. The nitrogen and other nutrients go directly to your plants and are not gassed off or washed away into rivers and streams. This promotes plant growth, nitrogen utilization and rapid absorption of nutrients. FertALive is typically used on outdoor plants, but it can help indoor plants too!

FertALive is a fantastic soil amendment that improves both the soil health and plant root development that your lawn, garden and even potted plants need. As a liquid humic acid concentrate, it has a group of molecules that help water and nutrients bind to plant roots.

With FertALive, you can expect to use reduced fertilizer rates for your traditional synthetic fertilizer. Swapping conventional fertilizer and plant foods for all-natural humic substances is not only great for your plants, but it also has a decreased negative environmental impact.

What are humic acids?

Humic acid is a natural substance with complex molecules, which help plants' nutrient retention. A liquid humic acid concentrate, therefore, makes for a great soil conditioner. Humic acids are formed from the chemical and biological humification of animal and plant matter. They exist naturally and can be extracted for use in lawn and garden care.

Fulvic acids are similar to humic acids in that they're formed naturally in deeper levels of the soil. Fulvic acids are organic phenols found in humus that help chelate elemental mineral nutrients.

Since FertALive is a humic acid-based fertilizer, it helps plants increase their intake of amino acids. Amino acids help plants photosynthesize. Without amino acids, gardens and lawns will not be able to produce chlorophyll and grow.

Humic acids stimulate root growth and nutrient uptake, improving plant growth, plant metabolism and plant immunity. Humic acids are a natural way to improve plant growth.

What are soil amendments?

Soil amendments have three categories: fertilizers, soil inoculants and soil conditioners. In general, soil amendments are substances that enhance qualities of soil, like water retention or its ability to absorb nutrients. All soil amendments have a goal of healthy soil and productive yield, but each subcategory has a specific means of achieving this.

Soil amendments considered to be fertilizers add plant nutrients to soil, typically in the form of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You'll see these on fertilizer labels and conventional plant foods as NPK. FertALive is in the fertilizer category, but it's a humic acid fertilizer. This means that it's based on organic matter instead of synthetic nutrients.

Soil inoculants focus on adding biology to improve the soil's food web. This type of soil amendment usually has added biology like beneficial bacteria or fungi.

Soil conditioners improve soil texture through organic material while also improving cation exchange capacity, soil pH, water holding capacity and soil compaction. Soil texture is important because it determines the success of plant growth. Poor soils typically have a bad soil texture and are often compact, but soil conditioners can aerate and break up soils like this. Even sandy soils can benefit from soil conditioner by receiving added nutrients that may otherwise leach through easily.

Good organic gardening and lawn practices include using the right soil amendments (like a humic acid fertilizer!) for your plants and grass. In our "fast green" world, we've built up an illusion that lawn products should make our grass look green instantly. This is due to many high nitrogen fertilizers pumping grass with too much nitrogen. While this result may give you instant gratification, it does little for soil improvement and actually harms the environment through excess nutrient runoff.

FertALive focuses on the true health of the soil to give your plants healthy root growth and plant growth for the long run.

Alternate FertALive with Omega for Maximum Lawn Benefits

For maximum performance, we recommend using FertALive with Omega Soil Activator. This combination of Omega with the fertilizing action of FertALive is the ideal mix to help your grasses thrive. Both products are easy-to-apply concentrations.

Southland Organics turf and lawn care products leverage our three core features to supercharge soil with the building blocks turf grass needs to thrive.

Organic Turf Care

The added beneficial microbes help decompose residual pesticides and herbicides and unlock bound nutrients in the soil. This makes nutrients available to plants in simpler, more easily absorbed forms. Microbes amplify conventional programs by making your inputs work harder for longer.

Organic Turf Care

Organic acids and top-quality, organic carbon work to break surface tension of compacted soils and deliver oxygen to the root zone. Grass grows deeper roots in oxygenated soil, helping it resist disease and overtake weeds.

Organic Turf Care

Carbon is the main building block of all organic life. In fact, 50% of plant life is made up of carbon. Carbon feeds microbes and is critical to microbial health. The microbes, in turn, assimilate nutrients and deliver them to the roots for growth and development. Carbon is the ultimate macro element that lawns need to thrive.

With these three secret ingredients, plants develop deeper roots, retain water, resist disease and pests and become lush and healthy. Our soil amendments are a vital portion of a well-crafted turf program. Business owners will increase their results and experience less stress with more profits. Homeowners will grow beautiful lawns and gardens with no harmful chemicals.

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