Organic Turf Program


We have crafted an easy to follow 1, 2, 3 Phase System. Each phase represents a stage of annual lawn care.

Organic Lawn Care Steps


Organic Turf Fertilizer

Turf Genesis is the perfect lawn conditioner to bring out early season color and vibrancy to your lawn and turf grass. Studies show that turf treated with Turf Genesis show a 78% increase in green up. More importantly, Turf Genesis prepares your lawn for the hot summer season by delivering activated carbon and rich biology for increased soil activity, energy and overall vitality.

Organic Lawn Care Steps


Organic Lawn Fertilizer

TurfALive Turf is a living fertilizer that delivers nutrient releasing microbiology and vital nitrogen in small amounts in order to create a revolutionary lawn experience. The key to a healthy, lush, and disease free lawn is developing a living soil teeming with beneficial biology and rich organic acids. By applying TurfALive Turf fertilizer to your lawn, you are providing weeks of steady nutrition.


Liquid Fish Fertilizer is our liquid fish hydrolysate. If you are dealing with a lawn that is hooked on chemical fertilizers, doesn't have much organic matter, or has had the clippings removed regularly, this is an incredible product. Liquid Fish Fertilizer improves the organic matter of the soil while providing valuable macro-nutrients.

The fertilizer brings a small amount of high quality nitrogen that is natural and available phosphorus, which is often lacking in our soils. Much of the phosphorus is organically bound and soluble, so it is easily used by plant roots, whereas rock sources of phosphorus are mostly tied up and need strong microbial action to make it available.

Organic Turf Step


Lawn Aeration and Dethatcher

Turf Revival Air & Thatch is the ultimate compost accelerant that breaks down your lawn's thatch organically and converts it to usable nutrients to help keep your grass healthy. This will allow you to avoid the costly and time consuming use of removing thatch physically and mechanical aeration. Turf Revival posseses rich organic acids to penetrate and oxygenate the soil while feeding the microbes.

A lush, perfectly manicured and almost carpet-like lawn is truly a sight to behold! For many of us, we wear it like a badge of honor, parading around on it like a peacock. But let’s take a moment to be honest with ourselves; turf management in the United States is completely out of hand. The most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood has long been a point of competition amongst neighbors and a point of pride for the weekend warrior. Americans spend gobs of money—over $45 billion per year in fact—on lawn care services, fertilizers and pesticides. The chase to have the best lawn demands valuable time and resources. It can be a sizable line item on your monthly budget, and if done conventionally, it wreaks havoc on the environment in which you live.

According to ATTRA Sustainable Turf Care guide, the average homeowner uses ten times more chemical fertilizers per acre than farmers use on farmland. Not only is this astounding, inexcusable and unnecessary, it’s also completely avoidable.

The wasted resources to stroke our ego is one thing, however, the lack of stewardship for our own environment, disregard for our own personal safety and the safety of our pets, children and others is another. Which sign below reasons with common sense?

organic lawn fertilizerorganic lawn fertilizer
Conventional methods require the over application of fertilizers that cause many problems (see The Health Effects of Synthetic Fertilizers). It also produces a vicious cycle in that more fertilizers kill valuable microbes and produce excessive thatch, resulting in more chemicals being sprayed or performing mechanical operations to control the thatch. In an ideal and naturally occurring process, the microbes break down the thatch and return it to replenish the soil. High fertilization also increases the susceptibility to attack by pests and diseases, including chinch bugs, sod webworms, parasitic nematodes, and brown patch. One could equate it to the over use of antibacterial soaps— eliminating all bacteria results in the subject becoming more susceptible to illness and other infections.

The reality is, you can have a healthier, lower-maintenance lawn without losing the well-kept appearance of your home. Responsible, natural management practices not only benefit the environment—they can save you time and money as well in the long run.
Thankfully, many people like yourself are starting to realize the need for change. There is now a strong interest in organic lawn care, natural lawn care or "least-toxic turf care". The growing interest is for the following reasons:

  • To eliminate pesticides from recreational areas such as lawns, parks, golf courses, and athletic fields.
  • To eliminate exposure of people and pets to harmful synthetic chemicals
  • To decrease susceptibility of turf grass to pests, diseases, and drought
  • To reduce the runoff and leaching of excess nutrients and pesticides into surface and ground waters
  • To enhance biodiversity, which contributes to the conservation of species (birds, bees, beneficial insects, herbs, others)

    Organic Lawn Care Program

    Perfect Turf Organic Lawn Program

    Southland Organics is proud to introduce our Perfect Turf Organic Lawn Program. We call it Perfect Turf, but the program is probably far from what you think of in conventional lawn care programs. We believe that the lawn should look as good as possible but we also prioritize the health of the soil way above the temporary looks of a manicured lawn.

    On any lawn care program, your turf will not look perfect all the time. Even in conventional lawn care programs, you are highly susceptible to pests and disease because the weak soil and natural fighting abilities have been destroyed. While implementing our Perfect Turf Organic Lawn Program, we ask that you use common sense and know that your lawn will not look perfect, at least not all the time. If you are switching over from a conventional program, it is going to take time to repair the damage that’s been done and to build up the soil flora and nutrients back to a healthy state.

    Maybe you’re not ready to completely make the switch to a 100% organic program. That’s ok. We’ve designed TurfALive just for you! TurfALive is a unique blend that includes all the benefits of humates with an added 4% synthetic nitrogen, similar to what you’re accustomed to applying, only a significantly smaller amount. Plus, our products work well as integral parts of conventional lawn care programs and drastically reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers.
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