Brad Broxton

Brad Broxton

Turf and Sanitizer Sales
Brad at

Through his job at Southland Organics, Brad has combined his desire to care for the environment with his passion for providing businesses and families with safe and effective products. Brad focuses on the sales of bioremediation, turf, crops and sanitizer products.

Brad has enjoyed being in sales and management for over 15 years and prides himself on making purposeful connections with his customers. His sales accomplishments include winning Top Sales Manager in 2012 and ranking in the Top 5 stores in the Southeast for multiple years while working at AT&T Wireless. He upholds superior customer service in all aspects—from initial contact through job completion and follow up.

Brad lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife and their two sons. Brad enjoys cheering his sons on in baseball, fishing, camping and simply enjoying the great outdoors.

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See our popular Lawn Care Products
Humate Soil Conditioner 2.5 gal
Genesis | Humate Soil Conditioner For Lawns from $ 19.00
Genesis provides all the building blocks you need to establish stronger, greener turf—faster! Formulated with biologically active, organic matter, Genesis accelerates green-up and is scientifically proven to increase germination rate, soil quality, plant height and mass area. Benefits of Genesis: Stimulates root growth Increases green-up Accelerates seed germination Chelates soil nutrients and decreases leaching Aerates and loosens compacted clay soils Preconditions and activates soil biology to withstand stress Boosts fertilizer applications and unlocks existing soil nutrients Combats negative fungal and bacterial growth Genesis is also available in our Lawn Care Bundles.     
Organic soil activator 2.5 gallons
Omega | Soil Activator for Lawns from $ 18.00
Omega is our amplified formula of biologically active carbon and organic acids. The added proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria promotes nutrient uptake and builds grass that is resilient to disease and environmental stress. Benefits of Omega: Decreases nutrient runoff Provides a natural guard to disease and reduces pathogen influence Reduces Zoysia patch and large patch in lawns and fairways Increases plant health and development Increases nutrient uptake Establishes a balanced soil food web Provides relief to stressed and shocked root systems when laying new sods and plugs Increases soil energy as measured by Cation exchange capacity Reduces soil compaction Omega is also available in our Lawn Care Bundles.
Revival liquid aerator 2.5 gallon
Revival | Liquid Lawn Aerator from $ 19.00
Revival is the ultimate liquid lawn aerator and microbial dethatcher to reduce soil compaction, provide core aeration and break down grass clippings. It returns grass to healthy and lush conditions at the end of the summer season for a full turf revival! Benefits of Revival: Provides liquid lawn aeration for regular and clay soil Amplifies soil biology to prevent bacterial and fungal stress Enhances oxygen levels and improves compacted soil Breaks down excess nutrients from previous applications throughout the year Composts organic matter and improves thatch layer Stimulates root growth Sustains vibrant, green grass color longer Chelates soil nutrients and decreases leaching Revival is also available in our Lawn Care Bundles.     
Dog Spot Lawn Repair
Dog Spot | Lawn Repair $ 18.50
Dogs are creatures of habit and tend to pick the same spots on your lawn to “go,” killing the grass with the excess nitrogen in dog urine. Dog Spot encapsulates the nitrogen to keep dog urine spots from burning your grass. Designed to revitalize the soil, Dog Spot quickly eliminates any brown spots on lawns. This natural solution rapidly returns your damaged grass to a vibrant, healthy shade of green and prepares dead grass for reseeding. Dog Spot is sold in a quart size.  Benefits of Dog Spot: Repairs grass from dog urine damage Conditions soil around dead grass Safe for pets Revitalizes soil Prepares dead grass for reseeding   
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