Grow a Lush, Healthy lawn with a Natural Lawn Bundle

Our Natural Lawn Bundles are carefully crafted with naturally derived ingredients to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive all season long. Take the quiz to find out which bundle is right for you!

Everything your lawn needs for the whole season

Our Lawn Bundles include four products for optimal lawn growth year-round:

  • Genesis Germination and Soil Conditioner
  • FertALive Humic Acid Fertilizer
  • Omega Soil Activator
  • Revival Liquid Aerator
  • It's time to promote healthy growth, improve soil quality and enhance the color of your lawn without harming the environment.

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    I use in place of my normal lawn care products now. The results are fantastic.


    Improve Your Lawn's Health, Sustainably!

    Our Natural Lawn Bundles offer a range of benefits for your lawn, starting with the soil to grow your healthiest grass yet. With our naturally derived soil amendments, you can achieve a lush, green lawn that is safe for your family and the environment.

    • Enhance soil fertility for healthier grass growth
    • Reduce the need for harmful pesticides and chemicals
    • Promote water conservation and reduce runoff

    Increase soil health

    Improve soil structure, heat resilience and water holding capacity

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    Grow a lush, green lawn

    Our Natural Lawn Bundles provide the essential nutrients your lawn needs to grow green and strong

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    Genesis Soil Conditioner

    Genesis prepares your turf for summer by adding activated carbon and rich biology. It has been scientifically proven to increase grass seed germination rate, plant height and mass area. Genesis is applied in the spring.

    FertALive Humic Acid Fertilizer

    FertALive is an organic fertilizer and an effective nutrient enhancer with Chilean nitrate. FertALive is applied in the summer with Omega.

    Omega Soil Activator

    Omega is a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria that promotes nutrient uptake and builds resilient turf. Omega is applied in the summer with FertALive.

    Revival Liquid Lawn Aerator

    Revival is the ultimate microbial dethatcher, liquid aerator and compost accelerant. It revives turf to healthy and lush conditions, helps break down grass clippings from your mower blades and improves compacted soil. Revival is applied in the fall.


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